Rank the fights of UFC on Fuel TV 6!

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10/21/12 1:24:43AM
Rank the fights you're most excited for from first to last!

1. Franklin vs. Le
2. Silva vs. Nedkov
3. Danzig vs. Gomi
4. Thiago vs. Kim
5. Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
6. Mizugaki vs. Hougland
7. Lineker vs. Urushitani
8. Mitchell vs. Lim
9. Fukuda vs. Deblass
10. Zhang vs. Tuck
10/21/12 1:29:20AM

followed with probably Lineker vs. Urushitani
10/21/12 1:41:59AM
1. Franklin vs. Le
2. Lineker vs. Urushitani
3. Danzig vs. Gomi
4. Zhang vs. Tuck
5. Thiago vs. Kim
6. Silva vs. Nedkov
7. Mizugaki vs. Hougland
8. Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
9. Mitchell vs. Lim
10. Fukuda vs. Deblass
10/21/12 3:35:54AM
1 Franklin vs. Le
2 Danzig vs. Gomi
3 Silva vs. Nedkov
4 Thiago vs. Kim
5 Lineker vs. Urushitani
6 Mizugaki vs. Hougland
7 Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
8 Fukuda vs. Deblass
9 Zhang vs. Tuck
10 Mitchell vs. Lim

10/21/12 9:35:57AM

1. Silva vs. Nedkov
2. Franklin vs. Le
3. Thiago vs. Kim
4. Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
5. Zhang vs. Tuck
6. Mitchell vs. Lim
7. Mizugaki vs. Hougland
8. Lineker vs. Urushitani
9. Danzig vs. Gomi
10 Fukuda vs. Deblass

Extremely pissed that this is only a 10 fight card. I thought after the WEC & most of strikeforce was absorbed that we would be treated to nothing less then 12 fights every event.
10/21/12 11:00:52AM
1. Silva vs. Nedkov
2. Thiago vs. Kim
3. Mizugaki vs. Hougland
4. Lineker vs. Urushitani
5. Franklin vs. Le
6. Danzig vs. Gomi
7. Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
8. Zhang vs. Tuck
9. Fukuda vs. Deblass
10. Mitchell vs. Lim
10/21/12 1:22:39PM
Top 3

1. Le vs franklin
2. Silva vs nedkov
3. Gomi vs danzig

Least sad its on tv
Tuck vs Zhang

Don't know why card has only 10 fights when others now are getting 13
10/21/12 2:37:36PM
My wife switched providers on me and now I dont get Fuel TV!
10/21/12 6:48:37PM
1. Rich Franklin vs Cung Le
2. Thiago Silva vs Nedkov
3. John Linekar vs Urushitani
4 Mac Danzig vs Gomi
5. Paulo Thiago vs DHK
6. Zhang vs Jon Tuck
7 Ricki Fukuda vs Deblass
8 David Mitchell vs Lim
9. Mizugaki vs Hougland
10. Cacaers vs Kang

The 1st 3 fights I am most excited for and the rest there's not a huge difference between fights 4-10.
Also really looking forward to seeing how good Jon Tuck is. If if didn't brake is toe against Al Iaquinta who nows how far he would have gone in TUF 15 Live.
Iaquinta was runner up to Chiesa. And if Tuck didn't brake his toe, I think he had a solid chance of advancing into the house. And making it pretty far.
Tuck is 6-0 with 6 1st round finishes.
War Tuck.

10/22/12 10:31:00AM
1. Franklin vs. Le
2. Danzig vs. Gomi
3. Bruce Leeroy vs. Kang
4. Mizugaki vs. Hougland
5. Thiago vs. Kim
6. Silva vs. Nedkov
7. Mithcell vs. Lim
8. LIneker vs. Urushitani
9. Fukuda vs. Deblass
10. Zhang vs. Tuck

10/22/12 11:42:31AM
Silva vs nedkov
Franklin vs Le
Caceres vs Kang
Danzig vs Gomi
Lineker vs Urushitani
Thiago vs Kim
Mizugaki vs Hougland
Fukuda vs Deblass
Mitchell vs Lim
Zhang vs Tuck
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