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4/18/12 6:48:08PM

Rank the fights in order for which you are most excited.

1. Jones vs. Evans
2. Torres vs. MacDonald
3. Browne vs. Griggs
4. Brown vs. Thompson
5. MacDonald vs. Mils
6. Makdessi vs. Njokuani
7. Brimage vs. Branco
8. Hominick vs. Yagin
9. Bocek vs. Alessio
10. Schaub vs. Rothwell
11. Danzig vs. Escudero
12. Wisniewski vs. Clements
4/18/12 8:11:13PM
Honestly the only fight I'm really excited for is Evans vs Jones. This really isn't that great of a card. Has a weak co main event and main card in general. I'm not saying there are bad fights just not a lot of intriguing matchups IMO. I'm sure all the fights will be good though.
4/18/12 8:27:52PM
1. Jones vs. Evans
2. Brimage vs. Blanco
3. Torres vs. MacDonald
4. Makdessi vs. Njokuani
5. Brown vs. Thompson
6. Browne vs. Griggs
7. MacDonald vs. Mils
8. Bocek vs. Alessio
9. Wisniewski vs. Clements
10. Hominick vs. Yagin
11. Schaub vs. Rothwell
12. Danzig vs. Escudero

I'm actually really pumped for this card. There's only 3 fights I don't really care about. Every other fight has potential to be really entertaining.
4/18/12 8:28:10PM
I'm actually really looking forward to this card, sure not a lot of start power but a lot of fights have potential to be exciting and isn't that why we're here?

1. Jones v Evans
2. Torres v MacDonald
3. Makdessi vs Njokuani
4. McDonald v Mills
5. Browne v Griggs
6. Brown v Thompson
7. Hominick v Yagin
8. Schaub v Rothwell
9. Danzig v Escudero
10. brimage v Blanco
11. Bocek v Alessio
12. Clements v Wisniewski
4/19/12 9:44:09AM
I'm pretty indifferent about the last three...

1. MacDonald vs. Mils
2. Jones vs. Evans
3. Hominick vs. Yagin
4. Torres vs. MacDonald
5. Makdessi vs. Njokuani
6. Brown vs. Thompson
7. Bocek vs. Alessio
8. Browne vs. Griggs
9. Schaub vs. Rothwell
10. Brimage vs. Branco
11. Danzig vs. Escudero
12. Wisniewski vs. Clements
4/19/12 11:10:46AM
That pic of the both of them blended together, makes them look like a kid fathered by Forrest Whitaker.

1. Jones/Evans
2. Mayday/Torres
3. Brown/Wonderboy
4. Browne/Griggs
5. MacDonald/Mils
6. Schaub/Rothwell
7. Hominick/Yagin
8. Brimage/Blanco
9. Makdessi/Njokuani
10. Bocek/Alessio
11. Danzig/Escudero
12. Clements/Wisniewski
4/20/12 8:54:05AM
Top 3

1. Jones vs Evans
2. Torres vs mcdonald
3. Browne vs griggs


Clements vs wisnieski
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