I made a Randy YTMND

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3/5/07 2:23:20AM

For those of you who keep up YTMND fads.
3/5/07 5:05:36AM
good,but change your Avatar....seriously,its disturbing
3/5/07 10:11:38AM
That is freakin awesome! I could watch that for hours

But yes, please change your freakin Avatar
3/5/07 10:17:45AM
Who'd thought Randy who never knocks out anybody would knock down Big Tim?

That punch was like David slinging a stone at Goliath.
3/15/07 4:53:34PM

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

good,but change your Avatar....seriously,its disturbing

Man I asked him the same thing. I really wish he would consider it. The guy in his avatar is on the convicted sex abuser list in ohio. Nasty manhttp://www.snopes.com/photos/people/peppers.asp
3/15/07 6:22:50PM
Not bad, although I think you should give FightReport credit, I believe they made the gif.

I've made a few that are MMA related.

Love In The Ring Gone Awry

A Cure To Insomnia

Latter was done before Tim beat him twice.
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