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2/4/07 12:12:22PM

Posted by Kameleon

He will defend his title against AA first because I don't think Mirko will get a title shot after just beating Sanchez. If Randy gets pasted AA, then he meets Mirko.

Dana said in the post-press conference if CC wins his 2nd fight, he'll get the next title shot
2/4/07 1:24:36PM
If Randy does win everyones going to want him to put his belt up for vacancy and leave the UFC as a champion, but he does not seem like the man that'll back away from any fighter, even if it means defending the belt against Crocop.

Even so if Tim Sylvia wins it still proves an interesting matchup against Crocop so either way the UFC gets rich !
2/4/07 3:29:47PM
So the general concensus is:

Everyone WANTS Randy to win
Most everyone believes Tim will

I love Randy....and I HATE TIM...So I hope I am wrong. Tim is too tall, and too big for Randy, gameplan or not, you cant gameplan for 6'8 and the reach that comes with that. And Randy is not exactly at his peak...that was probably when he was 35. TEN years ago.
2/4/07 8:48:34PM

Posted by 185champ

i'm not worried about randy getting hurt in the silvia fight. i want to know what he is gonna do if he actually wins? is he gonna defend the tiltle against cro-cop? i can't see that working out well for him.

It's simple. He won't win.
Hopefully he won't get hurt and puts up a good performance.
2/5/07 3:25:20AM
i already saw the fight(in my head)...Randy lost....lol

naw...i dont think Randy has a chance really...i love the guy,but come on Timmy is just too big for him...its gonna be an other Tim vs Monson

the only possible way i see Randy winning is if he some how gets desperate and Tackle's Timmy(like he did Liddell second fight) to the ground and mounts and GnP....

he cant win a stand up...

i dont think he is strong enough to submit Tim...

i dont think he will have better conditioning...

I want Tim to win...i desperatly wanna see CroCop chop the Giant down ..i would feel bad for Randy getting dominated by CroCop and getting KO'd.....he's a good commentator..he should stick to that

2/5/07 10:39:49AM
I think it will be a 3rd round KO by Sylvia. I love Randy, but after watching the Jeff Monson fight....It is kind of hard to think that Sylvia will just do exactly what he did with Monson. Since Sylvia is so big, I think he will just dominate the ground with his size. He can easily lay on Randy a couple rounds, like he did on Monson. I hope Randy wins though....
2/5/07 10:44:57AM
There's alot of people referring to Monson, but Monson could not take Sylvia down for a good few rounds. Randy's takedowns are ten folds better than Monson's could ever be.
2/5/07 2:58:55PM
What do you mean "what if randy wins?"? HE WILL WIN. just like he was supposed to win against Chuck all three times
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