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9/23/07 7:12:51PM
I don't know about any of you, but Randy has taught me one thing..........

When life throws you lemons, take them.

And throw them at whatever guy is in the back rooting for the fan favorite.

9/23/07 10:02:08PM
damn it randy needs to tell his picks, he always picks the right winners.
9/23/07 11:34:24PM
We should start a petition that forces Randy to tell his predictions to.. ME, and ONLY ME! MWUHAHAHAHA.. Sorry. Erm. Excuse that outburst.
9/26/07 11:25:41PM
Randy is a genius in all forms of MMA, including picks for fights. I hope he stays around after retiring as an announcer. It would be terrible for him top just diappear from UFC/
9/26/07 11:28:20PM
He wouldn't just "disappear", because he runs Extreme Couture, and will be in the corner of the guys he trains.
9/27/07 1:03:28PM
If you check www.thefightnetwork.com before a UFC events they always post his picks the day before. That being said i still didn't take Forrest over Shogun, why o why didn't I listen
10/9/07 5:32:20PM
I think after he retires he'll most likely go back to commentary and cornering the guys from his gym. He the best representative of the sport and a legend, it would be impossible for him to just disappear from the UFC.
10/16/07 1:56:39AM
randy had taught me personally to have as much respect as possible for any of my opponents in any sport
10/16/07 2:05:48AM
I think Randy would have beat Fedor, and Fedor knows that, so he went to M-1 to avoid a loss.
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