Randy not planning to box with Toney

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7/21/10 12:37:53AM
Speaking to CagePotato he said, "I have no intention, and no illusion that I'm a world-class boxer. I'm a mixed martial artist, and that encompasses a whole lot of things, and I won the majority of my fights by taking guys down, putting them on their back, and punching them until they don't want to be punched anymore, and that's not gonna change."
7/21/10 1:46:33AM
Not A Surprise, Randy Is A Smart Fighter Who Generally Fights With A Good Gameplan And Trying To Strike With Toney Would Be A Disaster For Randy Although I Want To See Toney Be Able To Strike A Little In This Match Instead Of Getting Held Down.
7/21/10 1:51:03AM
LOL, well at least we know that Randy isn't senile. I would be a little worried if Randy said he planned to box with Toney.
7/21/10 2:16:38AM
randy always has awesome gameplans. hes very good at making his opponent fight his fight. one of my all time favs
7/21/10 3:48:07AM
Well, it's good to know that some people know what their bread and butter is and will be sticking with it.
7/21/10 11:45:18AM
Does anyone think this could turn out bad for the UFC?

What I mean is that Randy should have no trouble taking Toney down. He should have no trouble keeping him there. Toney will flounder like an amateur, looking like he doesn't belong anywhere near a cage, and Randy will get the TKO in short order.

It should be a clinic, no? *And* it will look silly, pointless, like a joke almost, only Toney won't think it's particularly funny. And that will look bad, will it not?

Someone tell me I'm crazy.
7/21/10 1:55:08PM
i think randy will clinch him up dirty box him a lil then GNP him like no other. then hopefully that will put a tap on toneys mouth and the whole boxing vs mma debockle. toney wont know what 2 do when he hits the ground with the legend i wouldnt b surpised if randy chokes him out ethier but hopefully randy will give him a taste of GNP and what MMA is all about!!!!!!!!
7/21/10 2:38:36PM
i would argue a choke or armbar would show him what mma is all about more than some ground and pound. i mean the guy has been hit before
7/21/10 4:56:09PM
i would love 2 c him get choked out or c his arm snap. but from all the interviews toney has been in runnin that trap sayin when he gets done wit randy he wants a shot a brock or just bad mouthin the sport. I would just like 2 c randy put a beatin on him b4 he puts him 2 sleep. Hes already callin out other people and he should b worring about captin america 1st.
7/21/10 5:14:28PM
However Randy finishes him and I'm sure he will, it won't shut Toney up for sure
7/21/10 6:26:39PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Well, it's good to know that some people know what their bread and butter is and will be sticking with it.

I love this response and wish more fighters would follow the lead here...Tyson Griffin, Sherk etc....
7/21/10 8:07:05PM
Dirty Box, yes....stand up fight with Toney, no!
7/22/10 8:34:27AM
that is a shocking announcement
7/28/10 7:55:06PM
We'll this kind of mind set by Randy changes my pick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................................................oh sory the crack wore off!!!. Randy by GnP 1st rnd!!!!! This was no kind of news to anyone who has ever seen Randy fight. He loves the clinch/and TD's. Toney isn't going to be ready for the clinch. He will be used to it being stoped when the fighters are entangled! I can't ait to see Toney get PULVERIZED!!!!!!!!!
7/28/10 9:09:45PM
Randy's biggest advantage has always been his gameplanning. He knows how to get to ppl. There is always the chance he gets caught on the way in, but other than that the reason I wanna see gnp is I wanna see the boxer tap to strikes and then claim mma is weak because of the hitting on the ground, lulz
7/28/10 11:33:23PM
Haha Im pretty sure this is the most logical and obvious statement one could make...
7/29/10 10:43:18PM
We are going to make an example of Toney.
7/31/10 12:24:19AM
this fight has to be the easiest to predict in terms of both fighters game plans. obviously couture has the distinct advantage in this fight when looked at from all facets but i won't count toney out. he hits HARD and knows how to do it. there have been plenty of mma fights where someone with hard hands and no ground game has been up against a wrestling stud and have had their hands raised. anything can happen which is why i love this sport
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