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POLL: Was the booking of Lesnar vs Randy a good or bad move?
Bad Move: Nog deserved next shot at Randy, they should have wait 10% (7)
Bad Move: Too early for Lesnar to fight for the title 13% (9)
Bad Move: 1 and 2 36% (25)
Good move, I like it and agree 27% (19)
Don't really care, I'm just happy that Randy is back. 10% (7)
That conference call was Don King using a voice changing device 4% (3)
9/2/08 5:05:34PM
What's your opinion on this....

for me Option #3.... I mean.. as soon as he got the Interim belt Nog wanted to fight Randy and this is the most obvious thing to do (recall Serra-GSP2), also having Brock fight for the title and Dana saying his performance made him earn it is BS, imo, have you realize that this could lead(but I dont really think so) to a Mir-Lesnar rematch to unify belts
as Wapth pointed in another thread, I think Dana and Joe just want to screw Couture by giving him Lesnar, if he loses will be like "the legend lost to a 2-1 newcomer....lame
9/2/08 5:08:09PM
Don't really care Randy is fighting again and even if Lesnar lays on Randy for 5 rounds hes going to loose the title very quickly so it's not a big deal.

I want to see Randy fight Lesnar so I don't really care about it. I like MMA.
9/2/08 5:12:41PM
Randy isnt getting any younger, and the UFC needs him back as quick as they can(already wasted a long time).

Waiting for Nog to fight Mir (last show of the year), than wait another 3 or so months to make that fight happen is a longggg time, and The UFC just isnt willing to putt him on the sidelines from another 6 months.

Although my pick would have been Werdum to fight Randy, Brock is the much bigger match up for them. tbh i'm intersted on how this turns out, the different outcomes can change things alott.
9/2/08 5:16:13PM
My only qualm with the situation is how viciously Nog is getting bent over and shafted here, with no lube.
9/2/08 5:23:00PM
I dont really care. I dont believe Randy poses a threat to Nogueira or anyone in the top 5. He was a fan favorite but there is no point to him fighting unless Dana is trying to get Randy to lose to justify stripping him of the title and giviing it to Nogueira earlier.
9/2/08 5:31:59PM
So there's this guy in the HW division that is in line for a title shot and that person is not brock lesnar and the guy i am talking about is fighting a no-name to earn a title shot if he wins that fight.

Hmm Fabricio Werdum...well why couldnt ufc trade opponents, brock will face the no name, werdum will get the title shot. It makes more logicial sense instead of business sense.

But just because lesnar and couture are such big draws, that is why this fight is happening. Lesnar wins beats couture and faces big nog in an interesting bout.
9/2/08 6:08:28PM
Very bad move, Lesnar hasn't proved himself fully.

Randy should have negotiated a fight with Fedor(for the ranking system) and after Fedor should have faced Nog.

In the meantime Lesnar would've racked up 2 wins for his record and a small pinch of experience.

It's a very bad move because the result will be one sided no matter who wins, either Lesnar dominates the match because of the weight advantage, age difference and superior wrestling(my opinion) and strength- or Randy wins because of his superior cardio, experience, ground game, nice striking and technique.
9/2/08 6:29:00PM

Posted by Pookie

My only qualm with the situation is how viciously Nog is getting bent over and shafted here, with no lube.

I thought the same thing. But someone made a good point on another thread. Nog is tied up with TUF right now so that is just bad timing. But the point made was, Nog being on TUF will gain him a lot of recognition. Millions of casual and hardcore fans watch TUF. There is one guarantee, many more people will know who Nog is, his skills, and his status in mma. And that is good for Nog and the UFC.

So Nog is getting shafted, but they are using lube(TUF)
9/2/08 6:42:56PM
I dont really care, glad to see him back, but I do think it is to soon for Lesnar to be up for a belt.
9/2/08 6:57:51PM
I don't really care Randy's back, I think Lesnar will win a snoozer, then Nog will submit him, then Randy will want to fight Nog and I hope Nog tells him to piss off. I hope Fedor does the same. I don't think Randy's as respectful as most people think, since he said Nog wasn't worth his time...Come on, Nog, not worth Randy's time? I think the only top HW from Pride that Randy could beat is Cro Cop, and thats only because Cro Cop doesn't seem to care anymore.
9/2/08 7:16:28PM
badest move i ever see
9/21/08 2:43:01PM
Either way, if Randy fought Nog, he would get worked bad, imo.
I think Nog deserves the belt and should be the champion.
9/21/08 6:38:40PM
From a UFC standpoint, this is a fantastic move because its completely win win! Randy, a fan favorite could win, giving fodder for a HUGE payday fight with Fedor or the winner of Nog/Mir. If Lesnar wins, you just cemented yourself a brand new heavyweight superstar that just beat one of the best in the business, who could also eventually fight Fedor, another big money fight.

It's excellent for business, and a match thoroughly worth watching. What's the problem? Nog will fight Mir, and then the winner will fight Couture to become the undisputed champ. No problems!
9/21/08 8:21:51PM
Number three says it all. Lesnar isn't ready and more importantly, Nog should have gotten the shot first. The only reason that Lesnar is getting the shot at Randy first is because it would be a bigger fight to the casual fan than a fight against Nog. It doesn't matter, Nog will be victorious over all when the dust settles. That will last until the UFC eventually signs Fedor.
9/21/08 11:18:46PM
i hate all this good move bad move shit on one side its a bad move on them cause what are they gonna do once randy shit kicks em like he did sylvia its to early for brock and your right..a mir lesnar rematch for the belt would ge stupid and pointless but we dont have to worry cause theres no way lesnar is beating couture and this belt sitiuation theres nothin to discuss randy is champ nog doesnt deserve to wear the belt period

ps frank mir vs randy couture its gonna happen trust me
9/24/08 7:16:46AM
UFC management is a bunch of sell outs. Lesnar doesn't deserve the title, Randy doesn't either. Nog is the true champ right now and Mir is the real #1 contender. They are just trying to make a quick buck. they will lose alot of potential talent if they keep this up
9/24/08 1:20:23PM
I thought it was total BS. Randy has been saying for over a year that the only fight for him is fedor, implying that nog wasn't good enough for a shot at him. then he decided to come back to fight a guy that is 1-1 in the ufc and has what 3 total fights in mma. what kind of bs is that? personally i hope lesnar beat the f out of couture and then he can officially retire and go back to coaching, I am kinda sick of his drama queen antics. i have always thought he was overrated anyway. gets knocked out twice by a lhw after getting his ass handed to him in the hw division. retires, gets a direct shot at the hw title. beats an injured tim sylvia and a hyped up overrated gonzaga. then he dishonors his contract for over a year, and insults nog and mma fans by coming back to fight lesnar.
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