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POLL: Who and how?
Lesnar KO/TKO 34% (40)
Lesnar Sub 0% (0)
Lesnar Dec. 15% (17)
Randy KO/TKO 15% (18)
Randy Sub 16% (19)
Randy Dec. 20% (23)
9/2/08 4:56:30PM

what's your pick?
9/5/08 6:56:33PM
Captain America might pull it out.. but man Lesnar is a beast!
9/5/08 7:50:25PM
Randy by experience and just being cooler
9/5/08 8:56:09PM
Lesnar TKO, then randy will get his fight with fedor as he hopes get destroyed and retire. then fedor will eventually make lesnar his bitch.
9/6/08 3:30:14PM
Lesnar TKO/KO.
10/3/08 2:10:32PM
Wow I didn't expect it to be a 50% split. When I voted it each fighter had 38
10/3/08 3:51:53PM
I really like Randy but he is a undersized HW. Lesnar tossed Herring around like he was a kid. Now I will give Randy credit he has a good chance and is a master of game plans but I think Lesnar's power and size will just be to much for him.
10/3/08 4:05:03PM
Randy hasn't fought for a while, Lesnar has.
Randy is pretty old, Lesnar is still beastly young.
Randy is not as big as other HWs. Lesnar is the size of a van.
Randy's punching power is not that explosive. Lesnar is strong like bull.
Randy has all the experience, Lesnar is green.
Randy is excellent on the ground, Lesnar has yet to show sub skills.
Randy has the winning attitude, Lesnar also is a winner.

There are reasons to think either way, but i think that Lesnar will win this fight early.
I think he'll land a big shot somewhere along the way and randy won't be able to help falling on his back where Lesnar will pound him out. I know he couldnt pound out herring, but i think this time he will get the job done.

Lesnar, TKO, round.....1
10/3/08 4:18:00PM
^^^^I agree with everything above^^^^

but prepare for irony folks! prepare!!!! 4th rd Lesnar wins by submission via Americana!!! hahahaha seriously! wait for it!
10/3/08 4:37:02PM
Come on Randy you can do it
10/3/08 4:40:03PM
Well, at least nobody's picked Lesnar by sub...
10/5/08 8:21:15AM
I want Randy to win,but I gotta go with Lesnar.
To win this fight,Randy is going to have to train like a madman to fight off his back.I honestly don't see him going toe to toe and outwrestling Lesnar.
I believe Broc will fiercely test Randy's BJJ and take this fight by TKO in round 2.
10/5/08 12:49:14PM
i don't think randy can stop brocks shot, he lays on couture for five rounds to win the title.
10/5/08 1:07:18PM

Posted by nickcuc547

i don't think randy can stop brocks shot, he lays on couture for five rounds to win the title.

EXACTLY how I see it.
10/5/08 2:53:26PM
i think it will come down to weither or not lesnar can hit him

couture wont be able to stop lesnars shots everytime... no way. i think that lesnar needs to stand and bang early on and by the third rd.. take couture down and pound out a win.
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