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10/27/07 7:36:51PM
Ive been readong a lot of threads on the internet from a range of websites saying how randy left because of the money and all this other crap that i dont even want to get into. Randy has been fighting with the UFC for 11 years nowand i definetley see where he is coming from. Here you have a guy thats been fighting his heart out and has been promoting the sport throughout that 11 years and out of the blue he just walks away. If you look at it from randys point of view....he was absolutely right for leaving. here you have a guy thats been fighting for this promotion for 11 years, hes been promoting the sport as much as possible AND he comes back at 43 years old and takes the title away from a bigger and younger opponent AND THEN defends his title against once again a bigger and younger opponent and you mean to tell me that dana cant give him a little extra pay??? thats BS!!! and then on top of all that he finds out that "as randy calls him" fuh-door aka fedor lol....is being given a contract with a HUGE signing bonus and they cant give randy a little extra pay? i think its bs and i dont know whats wrong with dana....they need randy in this sport and if dana wants him then he better strike randy a deal...randy has done to much for the UFC to just walk away and i really hope something changes because as the thread title say randy is STILL my hero and i hate to see him in this position

10/27/07 7:41:25PM
Thoughts? Propworthy if you ask me. A lot of threads have been defending/attacking Randy but this title got me. It really sums up my thoughts exactly.

Still my hero too for sure.

Here's Randy┬┤s press conferance if you havn't seen it yet.
10/27/07 7:43:55PM
you are right but it is not over yet, they can still agree about the money and everything.

if dana was able to bring back tito in his friend list for well, TUF 3, i think that he can make peace with randy and bring him back in the ufc !!!

10/27/07 7:50:25PM
sherdog is really getting to me...theres a bunch of idiots over there who are saying that randy is a fake and all this other BS but the fact of the matter is...RANDY DESERVES MORE MONEY!!! dont you guys see that. alls he wants is a little extra pay and he deserves it....but dana cant give it to him?? whats up with that? other than the randy situation i like dana but hes gonna soon realize that he needs randy in the ufc...plain and simple
10/27/07 7:55:20PM
i swear im gonna be sick if i read another bad post degrading randy
10/27/07 7:56:38PM
It's no different then the post degrading Fedor. Their both champs and should be treated and respected as such.
10/27/07 8:13:01PM

Posted by cmill21

It's no different then the post degrading Fedor. Their both champs and should be treated and respected as such.

Very true, if your are offended by the bad post about Randy, they are only a small portion compared to the bad posts about Fedor.
10/27/07 8:35:34PM
I agree, that if Randy thinks he deserves more money, than he probably does. But I also think that if Dana believes Randy doesn't need more money, that is ok too. If you work with contracts, you will understand both sides of this conflict. I deal with contracts on a daily basis. Both sides want to get the best deal that they can. Randy said that the contract offered by the UFC did not look that desirable, but he signed it anyway, because it was what he wanted to do. And there is nothing more annoying than someone wanting to rediscuss their contract after the deal has been said and done. If you have a problem with your contract, finish it, then you can state your demands or walk away. I know it is not about the money, as Randy said. It is about the respect. But he felt he was being disrespected by not receiving the bonuses. Bonuses being money. Money being the Reason.
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