Randy to head back to LHW

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8/29/10 2:29:27PM
Almost an obvious statement, but it's just nice to be reconfirmed.
8/29/10 2:53:25PM
I think there could be some nice matchups out there.
I would like to see Couture vs

Lil' Nog(if he beats Bader)
Ortiz(if he beats Hamill)
Franklin-that would be awesome!
Bonnar-would be decent.
8/29/10 8:13:56PM
there are alot of great matchups for randy at LHW. he needs to get on it though. i know hes captain america and sh!t but at some point he'll have to bow out eventually. being that UFC fighters only get a few fights a year (unless your chris leban), i think hes got about 4 to 5 fights left in him.
8/29/10 9:43:56PM
Him and Franklin is great business when matched against each other. I think Couture is going to fight a stream of big name matchups with little relevancy to the title picture.

Though, i would love to see him fight Thiago Silva.
8/29/10 10:40:10PM
with no cruiserweight division this is easily the best way to go for randy. theres alot of good matchups in what is arguably the deepest division in the ufc. he probably wont get a title shot again but he's one of those fighters who i love to watch no matter who its against
8/29/10 11:31:59PM
These hall of famers get to pick their fights now

Only thing I see is couture vs ortiz if he wins

Couture vs crocop

Or couture vs bonner

My best guess is. Franklin

Dec. Gsp vs kos card
Franklin vs couture
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