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3/9/08 12:49:54AM
Look here is a thought, in the ideal world Fedor signs to the UFC for his $2 million a fight, Randy comes back and fights Fedor.

Then win lose or draw Randy will retire, he has said this is the only fight he now wants.

Then all us MMA fans will move on to the next fight and the next fight!!!

I wish Randy would really get his last fight over with already!!!!


3/9/08 12:55:10AM
agreed..I wanna see Fedor beatdown the Natural and see what Randy will have to say then.....
3/9/08 1:38:44AM
Nah Randy would win in the octagon. Even though it always kills me to say that. Randy is the master of the cage. Fedor will slaughter him in Pride since Randy wouldn't be able to LNP against the cage but were talking in a cage with ELBOWS, Fedor's worst enemy. Fedor will probably be winning but I think the doctor will call it by the 4th or 5th giving Randy the bullcrap TKO.

Then Randy retires without being submitted by Nog and then Nog vs Werdum/Vera winner for the title if that already didn't happy for the #1 contender spot while Fedor/Randy is happening. Fedor fights Tim or AA f they resign to get back in the title picture which will set up Fedor/Nog 4 down the line...
3/9/08 3:14:20AM
LOL like a cage is really gonna stop the can of woopazz that fedor is going to bring, im so sick of this excuse, maybe for some fighters it matters but it will always be... Fedor > everybody else (unless its a cut or injury) which is cool that we have such a dominate fighter in this sport mma has always stood for the fact that anybody can win on any given night, but for cripe sake the guy hasnt been beat and shows no sign of letting up, shouldnt we give him praise for having such talent instead of making up ways and people who can beat him, sure he can lose squarely but does that mean its likely? meh

Yall should congradulate such an acomplishment instead of saying oh he fights cans now or oh he's selfish and dosnt wanna fight in the UFC cus of the competition, the contract he had laid out was b/s it was not about the money it was about the principle, he did not wanna be a slave to the UFC until he gets beat, thats basically what it was, a contract that goes on contiunally until he gets beat, that my friends is the raw end of the deal regardless of the numbers

Dana trash talking fedor was the main problem and i think you should all thank him for snubbing this fight... and not fedor, randy is the selfless one here, not committing to the contract HE SIGNED and claiming oh im too old to have too many fights however im in my prime and can put on a good fight against fedor? you havnt even fought Cro Cop or Nog, this whole mess is stupid and i hope its not fought in the UFC after all this, DREAM is just as good to me as long as it happens, again the cage / ring debate will be an excuse when randy gets beat

Peace Out
3/9/08 5:43:50AM
I think Randy would beat both Fedor then Nog in the cage...then retire. AA would step in for a title against either one and get subbed...then Fedor Nog 4 would have to happen and Fedor would win again. His reign would last a couple of years. Then the UFC will finally get a decent HW div and see a new era similar to the LHW div.
3/9/08 9:19:43AM
Its getting to the point where I dont even care, because it's becoming too much bullshit. I hope they both KO each other at the same time and its a draw
3/9/08 9:42:48AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Its getting to the point where I dont even care, because it's becoming too much bullshit. I hope they both KO each other at the same time and its a draw

Thank god I have seen so many damn Fedor post in the last few days its rediculous i'm sure there's better stuff people can post about atleast untill the guy signs with the UFC.
3/9/08 9:58:09AM
Let's not get ahead of ourselves it's not official Fedor will sign with the UFC.
3/9/08 3:53:08PM
randy goes to hospital
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