Randy Couture wants Rua, Machida, or UFC retirement

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12/15/10 6:07:00AM
UFC hall of famer Randy Couture all but announced his retirement on Monday night via his official Twitter account, but told the Times he’d be willing to hold out for bouts against either UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua or former titleholder Lyoto Machida to cap off his storied 13-year MMA career.

“Thanks to everybody who's been tweeting about seeing my fights I must have missed the memo :) I think I'm at the end of it Yall. It's time,” posted the 47-year-old fighting legend.

When reached by the Times Monday evening, Couture (19-10) said he was surprised by the response he’d gotten from the message and hadn’t intended it as an “official statement” on his status. Still, he reiterated that his cage career was likely coming to an end.

“I think I’m done. The time is right,” said Couture via text. “I’d fight Machida or Shogun but outside of that, I wanna focus on other things in my life.”

12/15/10 7:02:37AM
You know what, I say push Rashard back and make Randy V Shogun.... Not the first time Randy gets a rushed title shot, And being that this WOULD be the last time, I have no worries with it.

Even thought Shogun would TKO Randy in less than 2 minutes.
12/15/10 9:31:56AM
I wouldn't be surprised to see a Couture vs. Machida matchup announced soon. I wouldn't be excited for it, either.
12/15/10 10:39:13AM

Posted by emfleek

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Couture vs. Machida matchup announced soon. I wouldn't be excited for it, either.

and i dont think randy gets a shot a rua
12/15/10 11:35:27AM
Randy matches up well against those two Rua , Machida
I think it means that Randy will take a title fight, but is not willing to win more consecutive fights and or "make a run" for the title.

I wouldnt doubt DW switching Rashad out and giving it to Randy, cuz Randy is prolly a bigger draw for a title fight imo.
12/15/10 1:09:45PM
I wouldn't mind seeing Couture/Machida. And if he pulled off a win in that fight, I wouldn't mind seeing him get a title shot against Shogun or Rashad.
12/15/10 4:10:54PM
I would like to see Couture fight once more just so his last fight isnt against Toney.

Doubt Randy gets Shogun. I could see them doing Machida vs Couture.
12/15/10 4:37:47PM
Either one of them probably cracks his jaw by the second round. Machida seemsmuch more likely.
12/15/10 5:13:53PM
I won't believe his retirement until it actually happens, and then lasts for +2 years. I've fallen for his retirement announcements 3 or 4 times. How many is it now?

But yeah, I don't think he deserves Shogun or Machida, with tapping out Toney or not. To me it kinda sounds like he might be using his retirement to make a quick path to the top of the LHW division. "Hey, give me Shogun or Machida or I will retire."

I just think his best days are behind him, and I wouldn't be really excited to see him fight one of those two. He would probably retire with a loss anyway. His perfect retirement match would have been against Big Nog, but the UFC jumped the gun with that one.

If he's serious about retirement, I think he should fight Cro Cop. If Cro Cop wins, Couture retires. If Couture wins, both retire.
12/15/10 7:23:31PM
His agent/rep already has said the retirement is premature, but he's still going to be out until next spring or summer just with movies.
12/15/10 7:30:01PM
Man, i'm not a Randy hater by any means... but he'd get smoked by any of those fighters, badly...
12/15/10 10:46:32PM
id like to see randy vs machida or even randy vs franklin.
12/16/10 9:21:26AM
he wont get rua but machida i dont see why the ufc wouldnt give him machida