Randy Couture Went About TRT ‘The Natural’ Way

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6/17/12 9:08:33PM
While performance enhancing drug use in sports is always a hot-button issue, none has been hotter recently than talk about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in mixed martial arts; well, except maybe the latest doping salvo launched at Lance Armstrong in cycling.

But with high profile fighters such as Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir, Nate Marquardt, and others involved in the talk about TRT, and particularly in getting a therapeutic use exemption from athletic commissions for its use, it is the topic on nearly everyone’s lips.

And the talk covers all aspects. Some say that if there is a proven deficiency that a fighter should be allowed to use TRT to bring his testosterone level up to what is considered normal. Others say that TRT should only be allowed for individuals that have a proven condition, not just a deficiency.

6/17/12 9:28:41PM
So did Overeem (Roids).... the natural way
6/17/12 11:40:09PM
They don't call him 'The Natural' for nothing
6/18/12 12:16:17AM
Mr. Couture coming with the voice of reason. i think he hit the nail on the head.
6/18/12 1:09:38AM
Yet all his former camp mates are using it. Hmmmmmm me smells something fishy. Also how is taking a supplement to enhance it any different than replacing it. IM not sure how long they been testing for this stuff to know that he passed with legit levels.
6/18/12 11:11:29AM
This news article is really just a forum for Randy to name drop his pharmaceutical company.
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