Randy Couture predicts UFC 129 Diaz VS McDonald

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4/26/11 7:08:58PM
4/26/11 9:38:56PM
God is Randys left ear about the most hideous ear ever.
4/27/11 10:48:21AM
This is hardest pick for me
Waterboy could just lay and pray on him

Diaz aint gonna win a decision. He is gonna have to sub him out
4/28/11 8:56:27AM
Easy pick Diaz's mean mug sums it up TKO in the 2nd for Diaz.
4/28/11 10:57:46AM
I think Rory is going to socre a minor upset here. His striking will be better and crisper then Diaz and i think he can avoid the takedowns and win a decision on his feet. I also think McDonald had good enough BJJ to avoid subs especially if he is in the top position, I think he a more well rounded fighter. If Diaz wins I think it has to be by sub.
4/29/11 11:14:20AM
I think Rory should win this anyway, 30-27.
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