Randy Couture vs. Lyoto Machida Slated for UFC 129

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1/2/11 2:51:10AM
1/2/11 2:56:37AM
Very interesting....
1/2/11 7:13:23AM
That will be a good fight. Machida is known to get tied up in clinches and he can't do that, I think Machida would have to really lay on some hands in order to stay out of the clinch. Could be VERY exciting or VERY meh...
1/2/11 9:16:23AM
This will be in toronto
Good fight I think machida will finish him
1/2/11 10:47:14AM
I dont see Couture doing anything to Machida.... 1st round tko.....but you should never count out Couture.
1/2/11 10:59:29AM
1/2/11 11:18:12AM
Guess I will actually pick Machida here. But I think Couture will be done after this.
1/2/11 2:41:02PM
Prime Couture would destroy Machida. The dirty boxing against the cage is the perfect style to neautralize Machida's movement and lay down some damage to him. But, Couture hasn't been in his prime for a while now, and Machida will be hungry after two loses. I expect Machida to finish him. Kudos to Couture for having the balls to step up and fight a younger, former champ, but the fact is, he will be retiring on a loss.
1/2/11 2:44:57PM
Randy is going to sleep, he's going to be looking to chase Lyoto around and is going to get KO'd in the first.
1/2/11 2:49:15PM
1 fight too many randy
1/2/11 4:12:23PM
Im always happy to see Machida, but I think he was hesitant vs Rampage and I think Couture has a small chance of winning here. Machida has never had a wrestler gnp him, and Randy is a smart fighter. I can't see Randy getting Knocked out by Lyoto, I don't think Randy is done, he is still pretty good imo.
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1/2/11 4:19:21PM
I do see Lyoto catching him, either dropping him with a body kick and pounding him out or a punch. Randy has to catch Lyoto first, lets not forget this isn't James Toney or Mark Coleman... Lyoto will punish Randy, bad.
1/2/11 4:33:03PM
Fricking Awesome!!!
1/2/11 5:56:20PM
as long as couture is fighting the ufc is gonna be bringing in big bucks off of him so randy is gonna get to fight whoever he wants
1/3/11 12:09:54AM
I predict Machida by spectacular knockout!
1/3/11 3:36:54AM
I like Couture's chances. In my opinion he defines the term crafty veteran. Wouldn't have minded seeing him step away on the W against Toney, though.
1/3/11 7:37:17AM
Randy has a chance, but he'd better get his hormones and drink his ovaltine, because he going to have to swallow a kick to get a takedown on Machida.
1/3/11 10:59:44AM
when he asked for this fight while Machida was champion, he got mocked. a year later we all give him props and a much better chance to win.

this is a lose-lose fight imo. If Randy loses, he will more than likely end his career on a sour note. if Machida loses, thats 3 in a row (arguably 4)...and then what? is he going to get cut or have one last chance against a Bonnar level fighter?

either way, i will be there
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