Randy Couture Joins Cast of Stallone's "The Expendables"

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12/16/08 2:46:09PM
Couture joins an all-star action movie cast that includes Dolph Lundgren, Jet Lei, Jason Statham, and even…wait for it…Forrest Whitaker. Ghost Dog, son! How could this not be good?

12/16/08 7:57:50PM
you know i really bet this is the last well see randy fight i thikn he really is a movie star now
12/17/08 12:43:10PM
whats the movie supposed to be about
12/17/08 4:36:56PM
Forrest Whitaker is the only person I would watch that movie for.
12/17/08 6:50:29PM
Good luck to you Randy. Legend in the sport and if he bows out now for big bucks who the f@@k can blame him?
12/18/08 3:09:27AM
This is gonna be a bad movie.......
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