Randy Couture vs Heath Herring

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POLL: Who would win
Randy Couture 67% (26)
Heath Herring 23% (9)
Draw 3% (1)
Forfeit 8% (3)
3/20/10 5:47:07PM
I only chose to do this fight because they both lost to Brock Lesnar and who do you think could redeem their self..Who would win to you???? I think Randy Couture all the way
3/20/10 10:29:33PM
Well Randy has moved back to 205 now so......? But other than that . Randy has the advantage if the fight is going the distance. I know thats messed up saying that about a 45 yr old guy but.......dude comes to fight 15/25 mins all day!!
3/20/10 10:37:07PM
herring needs to fight again it's been like over a year and a half now
3/21/10 2:26:50PM
Well since Randy is at 205 now and Herring hasn't been in the cage in forever we probably won't see this. I do think it would be a decent fight though. I think it goes the distance and Couture wins by UD. I think Couture would out point him on the feet and his ground game is much better.
3/21/10 5:12:28PM
Not interested at all in this.

3/22/10 10:45:43PM
Randy would smash him he would execute the perfect game plan and destroy Herring, I honestly see no way of Herring to win this possibly a KO but highly unlikely.
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