Randy Couture: Dana White Never “Bitch Slapped” Agent

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10/29/07 8:56:14AM
The day after UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture announced his resignation from the organization, UFC President Dana White was the subject of a UFC.com Q&A in which he blamed Couture’s “Hollywood agent” — one whom White said he “bitch slapped” — for the UFC hall-of-famers decision to leave the organization.

“Under the pressure and scrutiny of the decision I’ve recently made, Matt has had the blame unfairly heaped upon him from UFC president Dana White, who claimed, metaphorically at first, to have ‘bitchslapped’ Matt. Later, White even stated to UFC Fight Club members (on Oct. 19) to have actually physically hit Matt, something I assure you never happened. They have have physically never met. You tell me who’s acting ‘Hollywood.’“

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10/29/07 9:09:08AM
I'll tell you one thing, Dana is a crazy SOB. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually did hit him, and I'm also not surprised that he's never even met the dude. This is why he's going in the HoF the day he retires. Maybe sooner...
10/29/07 9:21:02AM
the funny thing is I think dana actually slapped someone thinking it was coutures agent.
10/29/07 12:24:19PM
"I dunno what you were listening to. I snuck in and was also there during the Q&A session. Dana actually laughed when the fan asked whether it was an open slap or a backhand. If facing Dana, a fan to Dana’s right asked him. He then laughed for a sec and said it was an OPEN HAND slap right across his mouth and that was it. Nothing more was said. …and Dana looked to his left for the next question and the woman-fan stated she wanted to lick his head. (…and he let her)”

does anyone else not see that he's being incredibly facetious here? he obviously did not physically hit anyone
10/29/07 2:02:57PM
that''s how i took it too...

I don't think he meant he really slapped anyone. I think he meant "verbally" b*tch slapped.
10/29/07 2:57:53PM
What a soap opera! I think Dana is losing control of this right now. His HW champion leaves, there is all kind sof rumours floating around. It does not look very professional. But, I guess the publicity is good.
10/29/07 3:40:18PM
LOL is Dana for real, I mean come on. Telling people you literally bitch slapped someone. LOL
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