Randy Couture: Battle Has Begun Between UFC and Strikeforce

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8/5/09 8:30:54AM
In addition to being one of the best fighters in MMA history, Randy Couture is known as one of the most knowledgeable observers of the sport, regarding both what happens inside the cage and the business side of the sport. He's also known for his longstanding quest to fight Fedor Emelianenko, so in a week when Fedor shocked the MMA world by signing with Strikeforce, Couture's thoughts are of particular interest.

8/5/09 11:15:38AM
Note to the media: Please stop the use of words such as "battle" and "war" that are commonly associated with armed combat to describe what is happening currently. Jesus, it's not that serious. There's nothing wrong with competition and there is plenty of room in the MMA market for two major players. Stop being so dramatic. Leave that sh*t for the soap operas. People will still read your articles.
Strikeforce still has ALOT of work to do before it contends with the UFC and Zuffa should just keep on keeping on. As I mentioned in a previous thread:

It is my humble opinion that Strikeforce needs to avoid Emelianenko like a pork burrito in Tiajuana. Strikeforce needs to spend that $500K/fight on developing fighters to add much needed roster depth. You just can't survive with continuous catchweight fights or division-jumpers between the 8-10 fighters that have some name recognition with the casual fan. The lack of depth and pay scale would force them to build cards around Emelianenko, which if history is an indicator, is good in theory but not in practice.
Please continue to develop fighters and expand your brand. I watch Strikeforce due to the simple fact that it is free. I will certainly not pay to watch UFC cast-offs square off and a Emelianenko vs Rodgers bout doesn't pique my interest more so than a Le vs Shamrock II would. At the stage Strikeforce is at, Emeilanenko would be more burden than bounty and may possibly lead to their demise as well. This is sad because if Affliction proved one thing it's that there is room for two major players in the PPV market. Do it right.

As far as Fedor is concerned, I couldn't care less where he signs per se. I just don't want to see him potentially drag down a growing organization. If it works, great. If not, I guess we will see Fedor/Lindland II and Fedor vs the 'Baby-faced Card Assassin' in Japan.
I will love to see UFC counter-programming offerings. I know if it were my choice I would have Liddell/Ortiz III as a co-main event with Kimbo/any lower-tier HW, Fitch/Alves, Hamill/Jardine and loser of Swick/Kampmann vs Larson on televised portion against FE's SF debut.

8/5/09 11:41:28AM
I couldn't agree more with three_days_of_grey above. I am hopeful, but not as optimistic and not as altogether excited about SF and Fedor's joining as a lot of what I've seen on the interwebz.

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