Randy Couture "Anderson & Jon Jones are getting lazy"

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12/23/11 6:22:44PM
Interview with Randy Couture on the Sweep The Leg Podcast where he describes Jon Jones & Anderson Silva as "Lazy & being on auto pilot." Also, discusses his sons future prospects in MMA and a bit about The Expendables II.

12/23/11 6:55:15PM
I don't really get where this is coming from. I wish that they said where that comment occurs in the podcast, because it's an hour and a half long and I would like to see the context of the quote.

2 of the most dominant and skilled fighters on the planet and they're cleaning out their divisions, not sure how Randy gets that they are being lazy.
12/23/11 6:56:24PM
It's in the first 15 minutes of the Podcast.
12/23/11 7:09:28PM
Maybe they should get the Dez Bryant shirt. "Lazy but talented"
12/23/11 7:53:01PM
FYI, I didn't listen to the podcast. I'm just giving my opinion on the single quote.

I don't see how you can call two "undefeated" fighters lazy. Silva's problem is lack of competition outside of Sonnen, but you can't call him lazy when his last fight was finished inside two rounds. As for Jones, he's young and Machida is only his second title defense, and he's been champion for less then a year. He hasn't had the time to become "lazy."
12/23/11 7:56:56PM
What happend to there losses I musta missed the part where we started not counting losses on certain peoples records
12/23/11 8:58:28PM
I could understand a little, if he was just talking about Silva. Specifically his fight against Maia and Sonnen. Not sure why he throws Jones in there.

I haven't listened either, so knowing the context of the quote would be nice.
12/23/11 9:00:28PM
the comment was about GSP and Anderson Silva not Jon Jones. I never heard him say lazy. I heard him say they were on auto piolet and not taking the chances they used to take
12/23/11 9:54:44PM

Posted by the-king

What happend to there losses I musta missed the part where we started not counting losses on certain peoples records

Notice I the " in use. I said "undefeated" because Silva is undefeated in the UFC and Hamill didn't actually "beat" Jones.
12/23/11 10:32:04PM
jones fought 4 times this yr, 3 being former champs, I think this more towards anderson has he usually only fights twice a year. dont understand how you can say jones when he has fought this much and being the youngest champ ever.. plus randy doesnt have much room to talk when the only time he fought 4 guys in one year was in 1997 the rest was either 2 or 3. if what the other person says is true, aka it being GSP not jones, how can you say he is lazy, yes he only fights at most 3 times a year but he works so hard, being lazy and fighting safe are two different things and if thats the case then say what everyone already knows which is GSP fights not lose
12/23/11 10:53:35PM
Jones is getting lazy. His pesrformances againt Rampage wa virtuoso but then he pooped hi machida performance
12/23/11 11:16:25PM
There are situations where you are on the top and get comfortable and maybe get lazy. Not saying that is happening here, but it has happened in sports.

Kinda happened with Miguel Torres back in the WEC days when he hadn't lost in forever.
12/24/11 1:03:05AM
If Jones is getting lazy, I would hate to see him fully energized.
12/24/11 1:14:02AM
Yeah if thats the case jones could be the first person in the UFC to kill somebody "energized". Dude has fought the best, outclassed and finished them. Maybe their was a time when it was neccessary for silva when he fought maia, thales and cote, then sonnen woke him up. I think he looked back in tip top form against vitor and okami. Dude is still about his business.

Their freakin workaholics compared to GSP that lazy bum i just think gsp needs his sonnen which i definitely think is diaz or condit. Both are fearless and will keep coming forward attacking attacking attacking and even off their back.
12/24/11 1:24:38AM
In the segment I listened to, Randy never used the word lazy. All he said was these guys are getting comfortable and fighting on auto pilot and not risking as much as they used to...

The segment I heard starts at about the 12 minute mark and in it, there was no mention of the word lazy unless Randy said it later on in the interview which I will not bother tracking down.
12/24/11 4:58:38PM
I say lazy because he seemed unconcerned against machidas standup. After watching the fight I think he should have tooled Machida in the first or at least used a clinch to wear down. I think an uncocky Jones would be equivalent to Roy Jones dominance in the MW division of boxing.

Randy is talking shit though, he got lazy and Vera showed is with those body kicks.
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