UFC 8X Randy Couture vs. ???????

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POLL: UFC 8X Randy Couture vs. ???????
Fedor Emelianenko 36% (10)
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 46% (13)
Andrei Arlovski 7% (2)
Tim Sylvia 0% (0)
Brandon Vera 7% (2)
Cro Cop 4% (1)
8/29/07 7:31:44PM
In my opinon That would have to be Fedor for now. The rest of the guyes just do not deserve a shoot at Randy yet.
If not Fedor then Who ...?
Maybe a TUF 7 would help ? lol
Give me Your opinions PLS.
8/29/07 8:43:56PM
The rest of the guys dont deserve a shot? i think Big Nog deserves the shot, he has proved himself against the top heavyweight in the world, he has beat the whos who of MMA with the exception of fedor, some people think he didnt look good against herring, but to me he looked very impresive, herring is a guy who is very hard to catch in a sub, and in pride he scaped every sub big nog tried until he got caught with the anaconda, so i wasnt surprised he didnt catch herring a sub, and he demosntrated that he can stand there and bang, and he won the stand up battle, and he recovered from a kick that most people would have been KO'd....i mean he beat Mirko cro cop, Josh barnnet, werdum, pawel nastula, Sergei Kharitonov, Ricco Rodriguez, Dan Henderson, Mark Coleman,Semmy Schilt.....what else you want him to prove?
8/29/07 9:08:58PM
proabably nog which would be awesom but lets pray for fedor
8/29/07 9:23:28PM
i wanna see randy fight butter bean lol i know i know but come on butter beans is fun to watch

no really id like to see CC if he can beat kongo
8/29/07 9:43:42PM
Weel I have posted Nougiera on a 2nt spot after Fedor. True is that he is one of the top fighters in the MMA today and if it's not Fedor , probably Nougiera has a good chance, but I still think he should maybe have one convincing fight in the UFC before the title shot. What if he lost to mr. Herring .That would not make Herring to be a No. 1 contender... Anyway. Randy won't fight this year anymore so before the 2008 we most likely will have a chance to see a few heavyweight fights for a contender to emerge.
8/29/07 10:14:46PM
i put fedor.....i dont think nog wood beat couture, arvolski is washed up...brandon vera is gunna lose to sylvia and sylvia will still have to fight his wap up...and i want to see crocop provehimself against sum1 like fabricio werdum or arlovski
8/29/07 10:47:27PM
I would like to see Big Nog have one more win before a title shot. Perhaps a bout with Arlovski.
This is what I would like to see happen:
If Sylvia defeats Vera, he gets his rematch.
If Vera wins, he fights winner of CC/Kongo. Sylvia fights Herring.
If Big Nog defeats AA, he gets title shot against Sylvia/Couture winner.
Winner of Vera/CC or Kongo gets title shot against Big Nog, Silvia, or Couture.
Then the dust settles.


8/29/07 11:14:07PM
That's how I see it too Three_days_of_grey . If Fedor doesn't drop by I Totaly agree with You.
8/30/07 6:29:38PM
I know he as a fatastic record put nog does not deserve a ufc title shot with only one fight in the ufc. Hearing was not a top five opponent and I want to see nog beat one before he gets a shot
9/1/07 11:41:19PM
If its not Fedor, then I think he should be taken off the top 10 list.
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