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12/18/08 8:00:07AM
Do you think Randy Couture is washed up?

I don't know why people say this. Yea he's old but he is still great. He lost to brock but he didn't look bad in that fight. Old age doesn't mean washed up. Ken Shamrock is washed up.
12/18/08 9:28:49AM
I dont think he would have been able to beat Sylvia and Gonzaga if he was washed up but I do feel that his year off and fight with a Brock did not help him any. But far from washed up.
12/18/08 9:57:53AM
I think that Randy still has a lot left in the tank, and you'll see that in his next fight. Being outweighed by about 45 pounds is never easy to overcome, especially if the guy you are facing is a world class wrestler and has amazing strength.

But despite that, Randy still controlled Brock throughout the first round of that fight until he got dropped. I can't wait to see The Natural fight again so that he can get some respect back.
12/18/08 12:53:31PM
He is not what he was.
hes gonna be another Michael Jordan/Jerry Rice, and lose his legacy bus he keeps trying when he should quit.
12/18/08 3:09:23PM

Posted by Sledge23

He is not what he was.
hes gonna be another Michael Jordan/Jerry Rice, and lose his legacy bus he keeps trying when he should quit.

Hardly think they lost their legacys cause they stuck around too long. As for Randy what educated fan thinks hes washed up. This is the only MMA fourm I go to most of the ppl on here know what they are talking about I don't think I have seen anyone say hes washed up on here is that the case over on sherdog?
12/18/08 3:12:59PM
I never thought he was all that great...
12/19/08 9:39:27AM
He is not the best, but at his age dominating Gonzaga and Silvia you have to give him credit. He has been one of the best. He has won the Light heavyweight and heavyweight title. Who else has been able to do that? Only Penn who is one of the best P4P. He may not the be best but he is not washed up. He will know when he can't compete anymore but right now he still thinks he's in great shape. It's not impossible to fight at that age. George Foreman fought until he was 50. He started to train again at 55 to make a comeback but his family thought it would be best if he stayed retired so he didn't fight. But he was still doing well at 50! Couture is 45 and you really can't say he's washed up until his next couple of fights. As of right now he has done nothing to make himself "washed up"
12/19/08 2:50:54PM
I was truley surprised in how much fight he put up against Brock and think he could've won the fight via decision pretty easily... I'd really like to see a rematch...

So, no... I don't think he's washed up
12/19/08 3:01:24PM
It's tough to gauge if Randy's on the decline since we've only seen him fight once this year. He looked good against Brock, but just made a mistake. If Randy had been more active, I think there's an argument that he wouldn't have misjudged the distance so poorly.

I don't think he is yet, but you have to wonder just how much longer he can hold off father time.
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