Randy coaches Kim Couture for tomorrow's fight..

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6/19/08 7:19:47PM
I caught up with Pete as he cut weight for the fight tomorrow night, and headed over to Xtreme Couture after.. There I found Kimi Couture being coached by Randy, and John Alessio and Patrick Kovick cutting weight. This is all for ESPN's Free For All promotion tomorrow night at the Thomas and Mack center in Las Vegas.

Xtreme Couture

I also headed over to Planet Hollywood to catch up with Pete Spratt cutting weight for his fight against John Alessio:

Pete Spratt Cutting
6/19/08 7:21:44PM
so she fights tomorrow
6/19/08 7:44:44PM
where can we see it, if we can
6/19/08 8:10:25PM
i agree does anyone wno
6/20/08 4:46:34AM
it will b e on HDnet...
6/21/08 3:27:01PM
Kim Couture got (wo)manhandled and messed up, i think she broke her nose AND her jaw
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