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6/23/08 5:31:31AM
Not sure if there has already been a thread made about this topic. Sorry if so.

I was reading an article on random MMA facts that you should know, but probably don't. This gave me the idea to make a thread on here and let everyone contribute their lesser known facts to the fans who may be unaware. Hopefully we'll gather up a bunch of interesting facts that were previously unknown to the majority.

Anywho, here is the list from the link.

- The average number of rounds in UFC is 1.81
- As an amateur, former UFC champion Tim Sylvia lost to Jorge Rivera
- MMA fighter Aaron Brink is a former porn star
- Of Karo Parisyan’s last 11 fights, 8 have gone to unanimous decisions
- Mark Kerr beat Randy Couture for the 1992 190lbs collegiate title.
- Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson) has six kids, two named Kevin and one named Kavina (daughter)
- Carlos Newton has a PhD in geriatric medicine
- Despite his BJJ credentials, Matt Serra has not submitted an opponent since 2002. (not counting TUF)
- MMA’s first Olympic athlete was Mark shultz (UFC 9)

Now, I already knew alot of those, but i'm pretty surprised to hear Rivera beat Big Tim as an amateur. I wonder how he beat him.

6/23/08 7:26:02AM
-Andy Wang is NOT going to take his opponent down....
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