Who will be Rampages next opponent?

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2/5/07 4:27:35PM
Since Rampage has asked for another fight or two before he challenges Chuck, who do you think will be his next fight? Do you think the UFC will give him a worthy opponent, or play it safe so they can legitimize a title shot for him? I know we're all pretty sure Rampage shouldn't have a problem beating any of the LHW contenders in the UFC right now, but any of the top contenders always have some kind of shot at beating another top contender no matter who's the underdog or favorite. So do you think they give him a contender or can?
2/5/07 4:59:15PM
Hopefully not Rashad cuz I think Rashad would pose a threat to Rampage.

Jardine would be a great fight and so would Forrest even though it would most definately kill ForrestĀ“s carreer.

Lambert or Babalu are two are good opponents for him,.
2/5/07 5:16:33PM
Jardine is the man.
The UFC hasnt hyped him much as of yet. But he is coming off of a KO victory over Their Golden Boy Forrest Griffin (Dam).
Jardine is the man for the job. Big Mean and Tough. Just the kinda of Fighter Rampage needs. As well we might get to see some of Jardines Ground Game that he claims is better than his standup.
2/5/07 6:03:53PM
First of all, Jardine should be Chuck's next opponent. Not only from the way Rogan and Goldy were talking before and during Jardine/Griffin but for the way he pwnt Forrest like nobody else ever has (includiing Tito, Horn and even freakin Severn in Forrest's very 1st fight when he was like 20 yrs old). Jardine has already earned the next title shot and it would be boosheet to make him fight another contender instead. [/rant]

Now then, how about somebody like a Machida or a Gouveia?
2/5/07 6:22:32PM
C'mon... No one is screaming for the Rampage / Eastman rubber match? LOL

Sorry I couldn't help myself... I agree with most of the other posters, beating Jardine, who's coming off of an impressive win, would legitimize Page as next in line for a shot at Chucky to the casual fans...

Also if jardine wins, then they have another LHW moving up the rankings, and things still look good for the LHW division.

Win / win for the UFC
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