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5/9/08 3:07:47PM
For anyone who watched TUF this week, what kind of car was Rampage driving? I'm not a car expert by any means and the only thing that came to mind was a Lamborghini. It looked really sweet though...
5/9/08 3:17:01PM
i think it was a audi
5/9/08 3:17:53PM
It was an Audi R8.

5/9/08 3:39:06PM
yeah it looked like an r8. i was watching supercars the other day and they were driving this thing. it is an absolute demon. and it sounded badass when rampage drove away.
5/9/08 6:47:19PM
yea that made me think a bit
5/9/08 10:38:28PM
yeah it was an Audi R8, a couple of weeks ago my friend had his interior done at a shop down here in SoCal and they had his R8 and a couple other of Rampage's cars.

5/9/08 10:39:55PM
that R8 is so damn sick, however Id rather have a 2008 S4
5/11/08 9:32:25PM
If I was going to drive an Audi that would be the one I would drive.
5/12/08 10:15:13AM
Ya apparently people are all under payed that fight in mma and its the UFC's fault......

Some one better tell Rampage so he can trade that ride in for a yugo
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