If Rampage Wants To Act, He Should Act Like A (Expletive) Coach (No TUF Spoilers)

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10/9/09 6:48:52AM
That was the opinion this past week of current TUF 10 contestant Zak Jensen. In a guest blog he's doing for Cagewriter (Yahoo Sports MMA blog), Jensen took aim at coach Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and his coaching staff for the lack of support for Demico Rogers before, during and after his loss to Brendan Schaub on this week's episode. Jensen also noted that Rampage made excuses including a restaurant being packed and reading books on acting.

10/9/09 11:56:06AM
I couldn't agree more on this issue. What Rampage and his team did was terrible, completely and utterly terrible. Don't get me wrong, I love Rampage as a fighter and I have to utmost respect for him, however, I was disgraced by what him did. I understand that Rampage is not a coach by trade and that as a competitive person he hates to lose, but that is no reason to act like that. His guy got caught, it happens to everyone. He made one crucial mistake a paid for it. Every athlete knows how that feel, one moment the complete and total high of winning, and then the next it all slips away. Just look at Matt Holiday of the St. Louis Cardnials last night for instance. The kids dreams were just ripped away and then he was left alone and told he gave up. Its just unfortunate that it took the opposing coach to talk to him.

As a fighter, and a person, for that matter Rampage should have known better. Its not like Rampage is perfect either, just look at his Shogun fight. He sure had people to pick him up after that beatdown
10/9/09 3:44:46PM
I think the headline says it all. But I still feel this is a lot more than just bad coaching.
10/9/09 5:13:21PM
I felt the same way...going into this season I loved Rampage and hated Rashad...as the season goes on I'm finding Rampage to be self centered and just doesn't care enough....maybe because he didn't really want to coach...and after this weeks episode and him leaving his teammate in the ring and watching Rashad and his coaches picking the guy up I"m beginning to feel alot more respect towards Rashad.
10/9/09 5:30:42PM
I've gained a lot of respect for Rashad and lost a lot for Rampage.
10/9/09 7:11:15PM
I agree 100% with the above two posts...

Rampage just seem too childish when someone on his team loses
10/9/09 9:13:31PM
This season TUF is proving that Rapage is a total head case!!!! Talented fighter but total head case. He has no "want" to coach ....unless its Kimbo and the way he acts every time a guy losses ....even when they put it out there like Demico did is absolutly ludacris!!! With the BS with the truck(after the Forrest fight), his pulling out of the Rashad fight......TWICE!!! and the way he is coaching on this season, I have totaly written off Quientin Jackson. Hopfully for him he is a GREAT actor............not holding my breath!
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