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7/25/08 11:10:02AM
I was hoping we'd hear something about Rampage by now...

Did I miss something? It's been over a week now and I haven't seen anything else released about his condition.
7/25/08 11:36:29AM
i saw something where Gerald Harris said "Rampage is doing good" ...but I cant remember where I found it....or if it was even in regards to his situation now...

but I saw it last night

found it

harris on rampage and stuff..
7/25/08 12:05:18PM
Well i know he is no longer in the hospital, and he was at the Affliction show (with Dana's permission)..he he must be doing much better .
7/25/08 12:09:15PM
Let's all hope the best for Page.
7/25/08 1:05:44PM
They are keeping this deal on the down low. I would love to have an update as well. Rampage is in a fragile place and the last thing he needs is a bunch of people asking questions, and stiring stuff up.

I am hoping that we will see a triumphant return someday soon from Rampage.
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