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7/6/08 1:53:16PM
he said in the post fight interview, that he was just resting his knee, but i cant believe he didnt have ANYTHING for forrest on the ground. I know he has some bjj, but it wasnt shown. He stayed totally flat on his back, never working the hips. I cant remember a longer mount in a serious fight. I guess the one good thing he did in this position, is just accept the punishment, and not give up his back......he prolly knew he would have ended up like shogun.

7/6/08 1:58:16PM
Their was actually a point later in the round where Jackson tried to scramble, but Forrest stuffed it and pinned him back down.
7/6/08 1:59:21PM
to get out he'd have to put alot of pressure on his leg, and he was trying to rest, and recover......also Forrest was never in a postion where he could land big strikes, forrest had his leg crossed under Rampages legs, so he'd have better control, but doing so he had a low mount and couldnt really land anything except short elbows....if he would have postured up and move to a higher mount where he could land bigger shots, im sure Rampage would have exploded out of it, but Forrest never did that and chose to control Rampage......
7/6/08 1:59:27PM
you also have to realize forrest RAPED his leg and he was limping pretty bad so he probably couldnt do a lot on it at that point in time ya know
7/6/08 6:05:23PM
Forrest never had Rampage in danger on his back, so if his leg was hurting that bad why not take the rest if Forrest was gonna give it to him.
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