Rampage on the road to recovery, possible Fall fight with Wandy?

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7/29/08 2:06:36PM
Upon Jackson's release, the plan was to make the switch from a Costa Mesa jail cell to a psychiatric hospital bed. He refused help, and no one was going to convince him otherwise. The only place he was headed was home.

Rampage demanded silence when he wasn't offering words of faith. He spoke of a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and people aligned with the devil.

"Mentally he wasn't there," said the source. "It was almost as if he was possessed. He heard voices. He thought he was a God."

Talk amongst people in the house turned to the need for medical help. At first, they tried convincing Rampage to head for the hospital. That failed, tempers flared and police, thankfully, intervened. Several hours later, the fighter was under psychiatric hold.

"He went very easy" with police, said the source.

Three days later, rested and nourished, Rampage was reunited with friends.

7/29/08 2:11:08PM
I hope he is back soon. He is great for MMA. He is such a personality and a exciting fighter to watch.

Get well soon.
7/29/08 2:12:31PM
Wow...did I miss something???

The decision to fire Juanito Ibarra, his trainer, manager and occasionally spiritual mentor, came shortly thereafter.

I didn't realize he fired Ibarra?!
7/29/08 2:14:43PM
Ibarra should have quit like he said. All I can say is Justice.
7/29/08 2:16:10PM
The Wand fight is wishful thinking.
7/29/08 2:16:26PM
Great article, by the way. Props for posting!
7/29/08 2:17:15PM
If they were to fight again I think Wand would win via ko again.
7/29/08 2:30:02PM
Im glad to hear that he is back on his feet again.. I would love to see Rampage kick some a$$
7/29/08 2:33:28PM
Who do you think he should fight next. I dont think he should get an instant rematch.

Maybe they should rebuild him again.

Fighters like:

Wilson Gouveiu
Stephen Bonner
Housten Alexander

One of them 3 would make sence.
7/29/08 2:33:47PM
I think this is just the begining of a downward spiral for Rampage.......I dont expect to see the same rampage in the Octagon.....
7/29/08 2:35:25PM
Fingers crossed. I hope you are wrong.
7/29/08 2:35:34PM

Posted by clintjack

The Wand fight is wishful thinking.

The Wandi fight is terrible thinking. We saw what happened when he lost to Forrest for the first time. Hide the women and children for sure if when he loses to Wandi for the third time.

I hope I didn't say that out loud just now.
7/29/08 3:12:20PM
I wounder how long it will be before he does fight. Surely he would need time to get fighting fit once he was out of hospital.
7/29/08 3:23:38PM
It cant be a good idea to put him back in there so soon. Sounds like he needs time to collect himself and make sure he's back in a good emotional and physical state.
7/29/08 3:29:05PM
I had no clue about Ibarra either. I guess everyone needs a scapegoat

He didnt retire, He Got FIRED!
7/29/08 3:55:49PM
I'm pretty surprised that he would fire Ibarra. There must be something personal going on there, because I think as far as training is concerned Ibarra was a great asset to Quinton. He seemed like a new fighter when he came over to the UFC.
7/29/08 4:07:34PM
I think Juanito Ibarra was part of Rampages problem. I think distancing himself from Juanito Ibarra is a good thing.
7/29/08 4:12:26PM
Let's hope he isn't driving to the event.

* This was a joke.
7/29/08 4:13:29PM

Posted by moob

Let's hope he isn't driving to the event.

* This was a joke.

7/29/08 4:26:37PM
I think fighting is no a priority for him right now. I hope he can make a full recovery, and get his life straight. Then re evaluate his situation on a return to fighting. I myself am a Rampage fan, and hope he makes it back.
7/29/08 4:34:57PM
he has to be bi-polar and probably fired Ibarra during an episode of mania...the same episode that lead to the crazy driving and freaking out his friends. I hope he is being treated properly.
7/29/08 4:35:07PM
he's prolly gonna have to fight off jail time before he fights anything else
7/29/08 4:49:43PM
Could be bi-polar....could be he got a hold of some of Rogan's sh-t and couldn't handle it.

Either way....I hope he gets back to the cage soon.
7/29/08 6:53:30PM
i think it might be main event of ufc 91 in nov
7/29/08 11:42:55PM
Not surprised he fired Juanito. If he'd bother to train something other than Western Boxing in the stand-up, Rampage might not have lost.

As to the Wandy fight, first, I doubt it will happen. Two, it shouldn't happen while there are FELONY charges against him. Three, as my wife said, "Why would they want to f*ck him up like that?"
7/30/08 1:26:34AM
changed my mind, he's not done
7/30/08 2:12:20AM
I think a rubbermatch with Wandy would be a real big money fight. Rampage has a better chance against Wandy in the cage I think then he did in the Pride ring. He really has to utilize his takedowns and slams here because he doesn't want none of Silva's muay thai clinch.
7/30/08 8:23:05AM
It's remarkable - the number of psychologists we have on these forums - dontcha think?
7/30/08 9:11:34AM

Posted by moob

It's remarkable - the number of psychologists we have on these forums - dontcha think?

Ha. Yep.

I also chuckle at those who post things like, "IMO I think he is done" and they basically no NOTHING about what's going on. Only what they've read in these articles.


Mental health issues ARE treatable.
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