Rampage And Rashad Tapped For Coaching TUF 10

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5/29/09 12:55:08AM
Well, Rampage obviously agreed to go through with it, so in my mind those concerns you just shared must not be a very big deal to him. Maybe the belt isn't everything to some people, anyway. Maybe he just wants to stomp a mudhole in Rashad's ass, the LHW belt be damned.

I'm just going off of what we do know for a fact. That is-

1) Dana wants to keep Rampage as busy as possible so he doesn't get tied up in any crap outside of "work"

2) Rampage agreed to coach on TUF and do these fights

3) Rampage wants to fight Rashad Evans.... badly.

All three of those are satisfied with this deal, and that is what we DO know. The things you say are all "what ifs". So, arguing from a logical standpoint it seems to make perfect sense. I understand your questions, but again- I'd rather go with the facts than guesses.

EDIT: Maybe reading this will help clarify. I just saw it posted on Yahoo! news, and it seems to go along with this plan pretty well. Rampage isn't stupid- he knows he's going to have to become a student of the game to beat Machida. Not only that, the dude's got angst. He wants to crush Rashad. Plus, he gets to spend time with his family and heal up from nagging injuries. Like I have been saying from the beginning- I don't see how it doesn't make sense. This article with quotes from Rampage shows exactly that. It's always better to go with the facts than to go with speculation.
5/29/09 1:32:31AM
And when all of the confusion is cleared up, Machida and 'Rampage' (assuming they both win) will face each other in the second quarter of 2010 for the LHW belt
5/29/09 5:18:30AM
What's with all the Shogun hate ? You'd look bad if you couldn't run for most of two years . This guy wiped the floor with Rampage , Rampage himself has said that he is the best fighter he's ever faced . 15 Knockouts in 21 fights . Shoguns skill set matches up with Machida better than anybody elses . This is the fight that I wanted to see it's just that I hoped to see it next year . If Shogun don't win it might be a very long time before you see Machida lose .
5/29/09 9:42:35AM
I think its best that the UFC go the route it seems to be heading. Machida not going on the show and fighting a contender while two top contenders fight for a title shot.

It shouldnt really matter if Shogun has earned a title shot or not. If Machida is the better fighter then he will win. Its better a fighter keeps his belt by fighting rather than not fighting. The 205 division moves on while QJ and Evans are on the show. If the champ is on the show the entire division is halted. Contenders have to risk their status fighting more fights waiting for the champ to fight.

Machida isnt good for TUF. He cant speak well enough yet to be much use o the show. Evans and Jackson are the best possible choice.

The UFC should make it a rule not to include current champions as coaches. If a champ spends 6 months on the show and gets hurt training for his first fight back like Matt Serra for example. Then you have a champ who may be out 18 months to 2 years. Completely letting the air out of the entire division.
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