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7/17/08 11:19:30AM
According to the daily pilot and tmz , rampage was picked up again by police and was held at the hospital because people feel hes a danger to himself and other people. Rampage really has some deep issues and i'm really concerned for him, I hope he gets the help he needs, this is way bigger then fighting. I dont condone his first arrest and what he did, but rampage really does have something wrong with him.

7/17/08 11:22:51AM
This is crazy. I really hope someone can help Rampage out. He is a mess right now.
7/17/08 11:27:11AM
K. At this point everyone here can count on not seeing Rampage in the octagagon for quite some time. It's a shame. I didn't picture him as the trouble-making type.
7/17/08 11:28:02AM
It's probably a 48 or 72-hour detention to evaluate his mental status.

He wasn't arrested.

I work in the mental health field. We order detentions on a regular basis. This involves calling the police to have them come to our office to escort the patient from the building, to the hospital/psych facility.
7/17/08 11:46:50AM
Yeah i would take this with a grain of salt. It's a pretty standard thing

Plus alot of people seem to think Rampage is going away for years. If he dosen't have a prior record all he will get is a public apology, pay for damages, a year or two probation, and probably a fine. I don't think he will be out for very long.
7/17/08 12:00:02PM
i agree that he probably wont get much more than a slap on the wrist, but im guessing it will be awhile before we see him fighting again. the ufc wont want to put someone on a card that has any major legal issues hanging over their heads(he is charged with a felony so id say its pretty major), and anything can take a long time to get through the system. the fact that hes becoming fairly well known makes this a touchy situation for the ufc to say the least, and the more that comes out about his breakdown, the worse its going to get. i hope the guy is going to be alright, but the way it seems to be going it seems like he has some major issues that may take awhile to work out.
7/17/08 1:09:11PM
Yea i dont expect him to fight until 09'...But man i hope he can overcome this, ever since he came to the UFC it looked like a new and improved Rampage, but seems he took the loss hard.
7/17/08 3:07:12PM
Ever since losing his belt it seems hes depressed. I dont think Forrest did enough to take the belt, as Joe and Gold have said you have to defintivly defeat the champ, and I think he feels that he could/should have done more. However I think he'll be back in top form soon enough.
7/17/08 3:48:19PM
this is sad shit. I really hope he gets straightened up. I would hate to see somethin bad happen to him. but somethin isnt right in his head right now. In his interview the day before the hit and run, he was stutterin on every word he said and he just made no sense.
7/17/08 7:12:27PM
Three words: Dain Bramage
7/17/08 8:15:53PM

Posted by Naturaldisaster

this is sad shit. I really hope he gets straightened up. I would hate to see somethin bad happen to him. but somethin isnt right in his head right now. In his interview the day before the hit and run, he was stutterin on every word he said and he just made no sense.

I saw that video. He wasn't talking that much different than he usually does. He stumbles with his words quite a bit i noticed.
7/17/08 9:05:32PM
yeah but it's not about what he was saying as much as it is about the way he was saying it. Like emfleek I have also spent some time in the mental health field. I worked in a hospital psychiatric ward for a while and have spent a lot of time around highly depressed people. He was most likely just being taken in for a psychiatric evaluation like he stated.

I've got to say that his demeanor in that interview and his actions afterward fit the bill. He has also said numerous times in interviews that he was the fat kid who got bullied when he was younger. That stuff seems like nothing in passing but he could really have some deep unresolved issues that relate back to his childhood. Typically when people repress that stuff they learn to be ok for stretches of time until a trigger (like losing the world championship) sets them off and they spiral down very quickly. He's probably been going up and down for a long time, hopefully this is the one that gets him the help he needs.

Really hope he can battle his demons and get back to busting heads. Normally I'm pretty unsympathetic but depression is much worse than any amount of physical pain. I really feel bad for him.
7/17/08 9:09:23PM
quasar I doubt that's the problem. I'm sure that acted as a trigger but I highly doubt it was just losing the belt that would make him act that way. He most likely has a lot of stuff he hasn't dealt with and that just kind acted as a trigger to bring it to the surface. It's uncommon for generally happy people to just collapse after running into tough times. There's probably something a lot deeper behind it.

None of our business really. I just hope he can get past it.
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