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2/5/07 1:11:12AM
i saw the post-fight interview with rampage and he seemed pretty butthurt on the americans fans boo-ing him.. he said "ya'll want me to go back to japan!?"
maybe he was jus jokin but it seemed like it got to him...

ps.. the whole /slap + "get your ass off the camera" was genius, made me laugh

2/5/07 1:24:17AM

Posted by loller90278

i saw the post-fight interview with rampage and he seemed pretty butthurt on the americans fans boo-ing him.. he said "ya'll want me to go back to japan!?"
maybe he was jus jokin but it seemed like it got to him...

ps.. the whole /slap + "get your ass off the camera" was genius, made me laugh

American fans suck.....not all,but those who do Boo make us ALL look bad...no fighter deserves to be boo'd if they're risking their life in there.......except Tim sylvia....he deserves boo's..lol..j/k
2/5/07 4:16:31AM
Booing is really bad, but somewhat understandable in a complete snorefest.

They had no right to boo that fight.
2/5/07 4:19:33AM
It will get better as the fans get more knowledageable hopefully. As for Rampage he's really happy with the way the UFC is promoting him . He's gonna get paid when he fight's Chuck, win or lose, an I beleive that's his main priority.
2/5/07 7:23:14AM
There are always going to be fans who think every event should be a demo of UFC Ultimate Knockouts. These are the guys who still refer to all MMA as "Ultimate Fighting" because they don't really even know what they are looking at. They've always been there and probably always will be there especially in America because most Americans are stupid. Fighters should know this and shouldn't take it to heart, which I'm sure they all do. So while some fighters might comment about it, I don't think it will affect any of there game or decision where to fight.
2/5/07 7:48:41PM
For the most part I agree that this isn't pro wrestling and fans can't expect hl reel stuff every second. However I think it goes too far to say fans don't have a right to boo. We do it at other sporting events, we do it at concerts, we do it at plays, we do it when we aren't happy with what we paid to see. In most sports we do it for the stupid reason that the guy wasn't from our city or whatever. That's a lack of respect. While the general american fan still needs to be educated on what to expect in mma, I've been watchin around 13 years- I've seen great fights and horrible ones. I would never boo just because two guys suck, they can't help that and they're doing their best. However I have seen fights where the guys do deserve to be booed. Matches where two guys with high skill levels refuse to engage and things like that. In the last Sylvia fight BJM had to scold both fighters for refusal to engage-- that should never happen in a heavy weight title fight and the audience deserved to say they weren't happy with what they paid for. Also, these guys all know that while it is a sport it is also entertainment. No matter what your w/l record if you aren't entertaining you don't sell, if you don't sell you aren't going to be paid just cuz you're good. Like it or not, that's how the business end works.

Edit: I don't want you to think I'm saying page shoulda been booed. Like I said it's usually unwarranted. I'm just saying it's part of our culture and to say we shouldn't do it at all is unrealistic. Even CC just said it's part of the American style, we're just louder than the Japanese audience.
2/5/07 11:02:26PM
to me he seemed like he liked the ufc. i hope he does i want to see him in the ufc for a while.
2/6/07 11:52:17AM
That was one of the most vocally offensive crowds I've heard in a while...

I understand that you paid X amount of money for a good ticket, but you should know what you're paying for... It's not a tough man comp...

Question: Is it true that the Japanese fans whistle instead of boo during Pride events?
2/6/07 2:43:46PM

Posted by pv3Hpv3p
Question: Is it true that the Japanese fans whistle instead of boo during Pride events?

I thought that was in Pro Tennis tournaments.....I don't remember hearing whistling during any Pride matches...then again, I've never been to one live so who am I to say...

I thought Rampage did well for his debut. He said he was as nervous as he's ever been before a fight. He said the first round was for him to feel out Eastman because he respects his skills. This was the first time he was publicly boo'd during a fight so he took it kind of personally....I think he was only half serious but he did mention the booing in almost every post fight interview I saw.


Excerpt from a phone interview with Rampage on May 17, 2004:

“I’m gonna tell you what I like about the American fans and what I like about the Japanese fans… what I like about the Japanese fans…they still love you even if you lose…you know what I’m saying. Even when you lose if you…gave it your all and you wasn’t no little bitch or nothing like that they still…love you. And they’ll tell you…know what I’m saying…they’ll tell you like, “ah good fight.” You can see it…they still give you credit and stuff like that. American fans, you lose and shit…they got dirty names and shit to call you…the Japanese fans…they really respect you a lot. But American fans…you know what I’m saying…you can communicate with them more so you can see what’s going on more because you speak their language…you’re American too…you got that American bond and you going over to Japan…you know what I’m saying…you’re representing America…so American fans are cool in that aspect but the Japanese fans they like…they understand the fight game a lot more and like the fighting is so big in Japan it’s in the newspapers…it’s already on free TV over there.”
2/6/07 3:20:16PM
Booing just makes all of us true MMA fans who appretiate everything from Wrestling to striking.....but noooo....the crowd wants to see blood,they want a knockout,they wanna see a dislocated arm

i think thats why CroCop doesnt really feel much at home here....he didnt seem like he was Very Welcome to be here....he was just forced here against his will basically with a huge paycheck.......he didnt even show up to Pre..or Post fight interviews...that just shows that he dont feel comfortable here

i dont blame his..i would think the same if i were from there....over there people are very respectful..they hug eachother and congradulate and hold eachother close.....but no,if you do that here you're gay

stupid drunk spoiled american fans....(i know its not all..but most)
2/6/07 6:02:47PM
I went o UFC 53 in Atlantic City. The dudes next to me were booing. I told the them, "If you don't like what one of the fighters are doing, run on down to the octogon and jump inside." One of them said, "That's not the point, I paid to see a fight and I want them to fight.". I told him, "No, you paid to see two guys in a cage standing toe to toe. This isn't boxing. This is MMA. They go to the ground. They clinch. Remember, they aren't throwing a football, hitting a baseball or a puck. These guys are fighting and it's just like a chess match. Yea, we all want to watch the Queen go around and take all the pieces and then, Checkmate. But sometimes, it's the pawn that deals the most damage."

He shut up then. He understood, that sometimes it's the little move that leads to the submission or KO
2/6/07 6:42:23PM
I just don't get it... People can't understand that even if two guys are standup fighters, they need time to feel eachother out?

Was rampage supposed to come running out of the octagon screaming and windmilling his arms? Was Eddie Sanchez supposed to stand there flatfooted and try to trade with CC?

MMA is a sport of the extreme and the miniscule...

Sometimes that one wild punch can land and it's over, just like CC / Randleman I

And sometimes the small details of just passing over to full guard with a solid kimura can end the fight...
2/15/07 4:03:56AM
Even though Quinton admits he fights mainly for the money he shows good character and sportsmanship when its deserved. For the most part, most fighters competing in MMA include money as at least one of the reasons they fight.

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