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1/23/09 3:04:00AM
If Jardine is careful, he'll win. He can out score Rampage, with kicks, if he throws punches with Rampage he'll fall. Jardine is hot and cold, he's inconsistant, one fight he knocks out Forrest Griffin, next fight he loses to a nobody in the first minute, next fight he beats up Chuck Liddell in a three round war, then he gets knocked cold by a guy who lost to Liddell(Silva) Then he just had a lackluster win over Vera. What Keith Jardine will show up??

If a careful strategic version of Keith Jardine shows up theres no reason why he shouldnt grind out a brutal decision, but he could get knocked out with one shot. Wierd Fight. Rampages main weakness is defending leg/body kicks which is Jardines main strength. Jardines main weakness is he has trouble with defending agressive powerful punchers which is Rampages main strength.

My Prediction: I have no idea
1/23/09 3:55:29AM
i hope jardine comes out with his stupid smile that he had for wandy, and gets KTFOed in the first
1/23/09 10:02:13PM
Jardine doesn't get the respect he deserves a lot of the time. This is a guy who has beaten Gouveia, Griffin, Liddell, and Vera. Grantd they were all decision wins, but they are wins over very tough opponents. A fight with Page would be a good one, but i see page TKOing Jardine in the 2nd
1/25/09 9:04:00PM
I honestly can't see Jardine winning this.
1/25/09 9:16:00PM
In the page vs forrest fight forrest would throw a combo and page would rush in and throw a couple bombs. I see that happening in the rampage fight and putting him to sleep. But ill be cheering for Jardine and I hope he pulls off the win some how.
1/26/09 6:59:23AM

Posted by Gipper
are you crazy immediate titleshot? come on dude.....it will never happen.
i was just pointing out some of the best fighters ever who needed to win more then one fight to get another titleshot. there has been lots of champions in ufc and pride who have not gotten an immediate titleshot rematch after losing their belts in close fights.
to name one look at me avatar.

Arlovski got one against Sylvia... Rampage has already Ko'd Wand...
1/26/09 7:17:50AM
Looks like a potential-rematch tournament going on in the UFC with LHWs now. Unfortunately, Rampage has been put into it. But, I do think it's in the best interest of the UFC to avoid granting a speedy title match to him because of Rampage's emotional and mental volatility.

Rampage wins or loses fights by himself. If he can land some punches early, it should be over early.
1/26/09 10:22:06PM
this should have been a co main event not a main event and especially not a main event at a columbus event
1/27/09 3:56:59AM
Jardine is like the Scooby Doo of MMA, he is always medling in something! People are right, he always seems to win fights that he was put in a position not to. I never thought he would beat Liddell but he put on the performance of his life and managed it. I can see him causing Rampage some frustration for a round or so but Page's standup is just so good that I can't pick Jardine to make it out of the 2nd round.

My prediction is that Jardine catches Rampage with one of those awkward looking punches and gets a little over zeleous thinking that he hurt him and gets knocked out on the way in. His standup albiet effective is just plain sloppy.

1/30/09 5:20:15PM
Jardine has no chin and Rampage has a great one, nuff said.
1/30/09 9:55:23PM
Rampage KO 1st or 2nd round.
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