Rampage Jackson Talks Changes; Wanderlei Silva

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12/27/08 7:20:28PM
When Quinton "Rampage" Jackson left Juanito Iberra and the US to train at Wolfslair Academy in England, he also claims to have left behind baggage that has prevented the UFC former champion from realizing his enormous natural potential.

He claims to live a spartan lifestyle now, complete with zero distractions and an overhaul of his diet and workout routines.

12/27/08 10:46:49PM
holy shit jackson
12/28/08 2:00:01AM

Posted by Wolfenstein


He claims to live a spartan lifestyle now,

Well, I guess this IS sparta.
12/28/08 3:03:00AM
WOOOOOOOOOOOO Rampage is back and he want his belt WOOOOOOO
12/28/08 3:13:01AM

I think Page may have a scew loose
12/28/08 6:42:00AM
After last night i think its Wanderlei with a loose screw I think Rampage has put his problems behind him and he is better than ever!!! He will have that belt around his waist within his next few fights!!! Just like Mir sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom, to make it back to the top!!!! War Page!!
12/28/08 1:26:22PM
maybe more of a loose head after it almost got knocked off
12/28/08 1:38:48PM
He still needs to learn to check leg kicks.
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