Rampage Jackson: "Rashad got a big mouth"

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4/16/09 8:59:06PM
“I did the UFC a favor and fought Jardine because Rashad wouldn’t fight me; that’s why I fought Jardine, because I was supposed to fight Rashad after the fight with Wanderlei. Since Rashad got a big mouth and got in my face, you already know who I want to fight. I’m thinking it might be a boring fight, but what do I know?”

4/16/09 10:35:37PM
He's the only one who thinks the fight will be boring.
4/16/09 10:47:58PM
Wow great interview some really funny **** in there.....the stuff he says about his jaw.....LOL.
4/16/09 11:58:25PM
4/17/09 9:17:17AM
i wanna see this fight!!!
4/17/09 10:51:13AM
OK Rampage and you'r mouth is not big at all......I can't stand Rashad or Rampage for the same reason....they both never no when to shut their mouths...
4/17/09 1:07:30PM
Rampage will whoop that ass, and if its Machida, toss up, but I think he gets it onto the ground and gets the decision.
4/17/09 2:19:47PM
with him it will be a boring fight both Rashad and the Dragon like to run so it could be 25 min of them running from each other.
4/17/09 2:33:26PM
Ok Machida will beat both of them. Especially Rampage, Rampage wopuld chase Machida all around and get out scored. I do believe Rashad is a harder matchup for Machida.

As far as Rampage/Rashad goes, I go back and forth all the time. I believe Rampage is more of a brawler and a scrapper, and I think if he could make Rashad exchange he could have a shot at winning. But I believe Rashad's has better all around striking, using kicks, and different types of punching combinations. I think Rashad has the power to put Rampage unconscious on the mat. Rampage can do the same but, Rampage is just going to stand in front of Rashad and try to bang. I truly believe Rashad could land that shot and put him down.

Im not really a fan of either, but when ou have two guys who possess this type of power, really anything can happen.
4/17/09 5:46:50PM
I hope Rashad beats Machida, then we could see this fight. Would be amazing!!
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