'Rampage' Jackson Vs Keith Jardine @ UFC 96

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1/17/09 5:47:04PM
Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson will face off with Keith Jardine at UFC 96 in Columbus, Ohio, according to an announcement during the live telecast of UFC 93 in Dublin, Ireland.

Jardine, 33, is coming off a win over Brandon Vera at UFC 89 and carries a UFC record of 6-3. According to sources close to the Greg Jackson fighter, Jardine had been expected to face Brazilian Luis Cane on the Mar. 7 card, but the bout was apparently scratched in the days leading up to UFC 93.

1/17/09 6:13:39PM
i was shocked to see it too

i was thinking rampage vs evans
i guess evans was to scared to face him so soon

this would be a great co main event but no main event
jardine gets killed early in matches quick knockouts from wandy and houston
i see the same thing with rampage by ko rd 1

with this now luis cane has to be fighting lidell or maybe machida/silva loser in april
1/17/09 6:24:30PM
They knew they had to salvage UFC 96 somehow, and I think this matchup makes this card look significantly better.

Keith could do well for a while on the feet as he is similar to Forrest in that he has a lot of length and can move in and out with devestating kicks. It's hard to think that Keith's chin can possibly hold up against Quinton, who will without question in my mind, be the heaviest hitter Jardine has faced yet.

At the very least Rashad will get a great look at his possible next opponent against one of his top training partners, and Team Jackson will have two shots at breaking Jackson down.

1/17/09 6:26:24PM
easy ko for rampage imo. faster, stronger, straighter punches.
1/17/09 6:31:55PM
1/17/09 6:50:23PM
So now, "IF", and I mean "IF", Jardine wins, then does He get the next shot at the belt?
I see this as a favor for a favor, The UFC and Dana probably told Rampage that they needed that scratch on the back, back from when they supported, and have looked out for him since his bizarre 'out of spirit' breakdown, last summer.
Who knows, but I do know that if Keith did win, then the UFC would be forced to do the unthinkable......give Machida a title shot after he wins on the 31st!!! They were trying so hard too
1/17/09 6:53:26PM
because they shouldn't and hopefully wouldn't give Jardine a title shot!!! No Team Jackson against Team Jackson for a UFC title!!!
Even as a rematch, I would've rather seen Jackson against Evans, and the Luis Cane Jardine fight would have been sweet. I hope he gets another top 10 name for his next fight.
1/17/09 7:34:25PM
Rampage by a KO in the first RD.
1/17/09 7:54:25PM
Damn, Jardine is going to have a hard time here, he is not fast enough to avoid the power shots of Rampage so i say Rampage rd 1 by Brutal KO .

1/17/09 9:51:52PM
This is such a stupid fight to have right now, lol.

Make it Griffin/Jardine 2, i don't see the logic behind Jardine/Jackson
1/17/09 11:15:10PM

If Jardine somehow wins, he'll have Griffin, Liddell and Rampage on his hit list.

And Vera I guess, but he may be too embarrassed to list him.

So Evans will have a pretty long layoff until his first defense I guess. Machida will take the title in a heavily booed fight, and then face Rampage in 10 months or so.
1/18/09 2:01:31AM
I realy don't understand this matchup. I mean...why?
1/18/09 2:21:51AM
I'm going with Jackson 1st RD KO no doubt
1/18/09 3:22:46AM
Joe Silva is strugglin. The only real good matchups that have been announced lately have been obvious ones. Leites vs Silva is terrible, Rampage and Jardine is terrible. There is so much potential out there. I think these should change.

I like evans vs jackson
I like evans vs machida

Jardine should fight Luis Cane
1/18/09 4:36:43AM
Jackson is going to destroy Jardine. Rampage said he doesnt want to not fight for that long anymore so im betting he just wanted to fight someone in the middle to keep him at his best.
1/18/09 9:16:23AM
Looks like Evans will fight the winning of Machida/Silva now......

And if he doesn't then Joe Silva needs to be let go and someone else needs to start picking the matchups....
1/18/09 10:16:45AM
why not griffin v jackson 2? they both fought at 92, jackson already said he wanted a rematch, and im 100% positive that forest would be down for that fight. jackson v. jardine makes zero sense to me
1/18/09 10:58:53AM

Posted by dannyfrank

why not griffin v jackson 2? they both fought at 92, jackson already said he wanted a rematch, and im 100% positive that forest would be down for that fight. jackson v. jardine makes zero sense to me

Forrest won't be ready until July or so because of his hand injury.

They need a main event that can go in March.
1/18/09 12:00:44PM
This fight makes absolutley no sense.
1/18/09 12:07:53PM
I don't think it should be Jardine vs Jackson either, but I dont' want Jackson vs Rashad. I don't like the lose your title, beat one guy, get your title shot mentality. I think it should be Loyota vs Evans, once he gets through Silva.
1/18/09 12:18:34PM

Posted by colescar

I don't think it should be Jardine vs Jackson either, but I dont' want Jackson vs Rashad. I don't like the lose your title, beat one guy, get your title shot mentality.

I understand your thinking, but look at the situation. You have to look at how Rampage lost his title(controversial decision), and the way he won his last fight by handling one of the top fighters in the world. I think that he deserved a shot.
1/18/09 12:36:31PM
I actually understand this matchup. Rampage doesnt get that title shot after the 1 win over wandy and I think that is, is because forrest doesnt have the title anymore.

Forrest is injured. Then UFC is trying to build up Rampage or maybe jardine if he wins, with leg kicks like forrest and weird striking.

And Ohio card needed a draw and rampage is that draw.
1/18/09 12:51:46PM
I said it before, favor for a favor. Anyways, It is two big names, just not maybe the ones that made the most sense. Now, What if somehow and I won't put it past the man, Thiago Silva defeats Machida, Okay, now do they, will they give him the shot at Evans? You know that was rumored for UFC 84 in the beginning stages, but when Shogun pulled from the 85 card, they scheduled him to fight Liddell(which was scrapped obviously until 88). And then, in this crazy world I am talking about, Jardine wins against Rampage...then what kind of pile would we have? Or would it be?

With Machida/Silva, Jackson/Jardine, Cane/????, Liddell/Shogun, coming in the next three months, we do have one of the best set of matches in a division soo highly touted, and crowded. I know we could switch some of those names to better suit your liking, but let's be honest, these are great deciding fights. We need answers and yeah, Jackson is 'not' getting the immediate title shot everyone has been dumping on, so give Joe a 'slight' break...
Now Wanderlei better decide what he wants to do because this division will take off in the next three months, with or without him
1/18/09 1:04:20PM
should be a good fight. i think jardine will come in very cautious. most of you need to give jardine some more respect this guy can beat anyone on any given night and i think he's proven that by now.
1/18/09 5:47:26PM
This is to funny someone should tell Jardine that you want to have KO's on your win side of your record.
1/18/09 11:37:11PM
Rampage sell tickets and ppv.....Face it people the columbus card is weak as hell.... Im saying rampage 1st round KO
1/19/09 12:03:00AM
It kills me when the UFC puts on fights between two fighters that I like because I never want either of them to lose. But it happens so often I guess I'm starting to get used to it. I really don't wanna see Jardine get knocked out again, but at the same time I want to see Rampage dominate Evans. Still undecided on this one, but I know both guys are capable of getting the win, and it's gonna be fun to watch either way.
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