Rampage Jackson claims 90 percent of the UFC family hated him for beating Chuck Liddell

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6/30/13 1:20:08PM

Posted by jay98107

I mean, he did kill the goose that laid the golden egg. On the other hand, why would the UFC bring Rampage in from another organization (when he was still prime) just to hopefully lose to Chuck? I mean, I definitely thought Chuck was capable of winning that fight, but if the UFC was gonna get that mad if Chuck lost why schedule such a tough and not-even-that-well-known opponent in Rampage? Just have him fight Babalu a 3rd time

Lol. Hopefully lose?

Chuck had one loss to avenge and then he would be cemented as the best ever in the UFC eye's. Wandy vs Chuck kept falling through. Chuck had cleaned out the UFC. Rampage was the only big fight left for Chuck at the time.

I'll fill you in on how confident the UFC was in Chuck at the time. They sent Chuck over to the 2003 Pride tournament and Dana bet $1 million USD on Chuck to win. Dana repeatedly said that Chuck would beat Fedor at the time, who (believe it or not) was legitimately the best fighter in the world at the time. He would've murdered Chuck, but Dana actually believed Chuck would beat Fedor. He wouldn't send Tito over to fight Sakuraba, but thought Chuck could take them all. Rampage has lost to Wandy, Shogun, and pretty much Ninja. He was born again,and lost his fire. He had been figured out and was at a low point in his career. Chuck was a considerable favourite in real life. Chuck wasn't supposed to lose. This was also during the Pride vs UFC rivalry that had the forums ablaze with talk of who had the better fighters. It was supposed to be the defining moment of Chuck's career,and the fight that showed who had the superior fighters. Chuck and Dana were like best friends. Dana was in love with Chuck and idolized him. If I worked for the UFC, I would act like I agree with Dana on everything (to protect my job) since he has a temper and likes to cut/fire people.

It all adds up,and why would Rampage lie about it?
6/30/13 2:46:51PM

Posted by bjj1605

Posted by mrsmiley

I believe Rampage actually. I also got that vibe from many fans before and after the fight.

Ya I'm not gonna lie...I hated him for a good long while simply because he beat Chucky.

The Iceman was my hero back in the day and if life was a movie, that was a fight he was destined to win. It would have been his last unavenged loss and the cherry on top of his career.

I actually remember screaming at my TV that it was an early stop...

I was on the opposite end of the spectrum. I was PRIDE or die 100 % and so was the whole group at my house. Rampages win got the cops called on us by neighbors for going crazy happy.
6/30/13 3:08:59PM

Posted by Webbie

Posted by jay98107

Posted by sparky

Posted by sbulldavid

When Rampage lost Juanito that was where he went wrong. I was glad he beat Chuck. The UFC was kind of a 1940 baseball league before Pride and Rampage came over. Rampage knocked that barrier down with one punch, and to me that was when the UFC truly blew up.

No way the UFC blew up when Liddell flattened Couture at UFC 52


Franklin/Bonnar? Huh?

Did you mean Griffin/Bonnar?

Hahaha, yes I did.
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