Rampage Jackson Accused of Killing a Fetus

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6/25/09 3:20:56PM
Holli Griggs filed a lawsuit against Rampage in Orange County, California -- claiming he repeatedly rammed into her car "so he could escape and flee the scene (hit and run)." Griggs says "the impact of her abdomen with the steering wheel caused her amniotic fluid membranes (bag of waters) to rupture, ultimately resulting in the stillbirth of her baby."


6/25/09 3:37:33PM
This will end up being settled out of court, I'm sure. Sad, though.
6/25/09 4:02:26PM
25k seems pretty low considering damage to the car is factored in there. in a case like this i dont want to speculate whether or not rampage caused this or it just happened, its just too bad she lost her baby.
6/25/09 4:42:13PM
I'm assuming that this must be a civil suit. This was never allowed to go to a criminal hearing and I'm guessing that they asked for such a small amount of money because they know that they have little to no chance of actually winning and that for someone with as much money (and publicity) as rampage, it will be far, far easier to just settle out of court.
6/25/09 6:22:57PM
I hate to be the one to support Rampage because I hate what he did but it was proved that her problems had nothing to do with what happened. I feel for the lady but this just makes her look like someone trying to make money from very hard loss. She needs someone to blame for the loss and Rampage happened to be there.
6/25/09 7:38:16PM

FYI -- Rampage was never charged in relation to the death after an investigation revealed that the miscarriage was unrelated to the accident.

will likely get throw out.
6/25/09 7:40:20PM
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Thats some irony right there

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6/25/09 10:50:18PM
I'm not sure if anybody remembers this, but this was brought up when the whole fiasco first hit the news. It was deemed to be a non issue then, and I doubt that it'll be an issue now. I think I remember something saying that all evidence showed that her abortion was actually caused by something
6/26/09 5:56:05PM
For the people saying "it will be thrown out" etc. This is almost definitely not a criminal trial. Civil and criminal cases work completely differently. There's a different standard of proof required (a much lower one) and whether the suit is frivolous or not doesn't really matter. You can sue for pretty much anything no matter how ridiculous it seems in a civil suit so it won't get "thrown out".

As telnights said and I implied, it looks an awful lot like this woman is trying to cash in on her misfortune. The amount she's suing for is a suspiciously small amount of money, it seems like her lawyer knows that they wouldn't win at a trial, but the combination of Rampage's public image, time, and the legal fees he would have to pay to actually take the case to trial are not worth compromising when he can just settle out of court and be done with the whole thing.

I imagine if her lawyer thought they could win she would be suing for a lot more money than that. Like 6 figures.
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