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7/19/07 1:31:02PM
does rampage have a chance?
7/19/07 2:11:18PM
Everyone has a chance. He doesn't have a very good one.
7/19/07 2:17:11PM
7/19/07 2:19:19PM
i'm a rampage fan and i don't think he would have a chance at all against fedor. it would be over by the second round.
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7/19/07 2:38:27PM
is this a serious question?
7/19/07 6:41:21PM
the only thing Rampage would have going for him would be his HARD head
7/19/07 6:57:28PM
Fedor by Submission first round.

Rampage is good, but he is not big enough to out strength Fedor, and he isnt skilled enough to avoid his submissions.

At 205 though, there is no one better than Rampage! (apart from Shogun, and perhaps Wany. I think overall Rampage is better than Wanderlei, but Wand just has his number)
7/19/07 8:24:10PM
has virtually no chance Fedor would walk over him
7/19/07 9:48:28PM
Although I don't think he has a very good chance, it's not a silly question to ask. Fedor has done a good job of clearing out the HW division and there are only a few interesting fights left for him there.

Given that Fedor is only about 225-230 himself, the obvious question is are there any big LHWs who could come up and fight him. I've heard talk of Shogun, Wanderlei and Chuck in the past. Add Rampage to that list as large underdogs but no moreso than Koshaka, Zuluzhino or Mark Hunt (who actually did pretty well).

Rampage is a guy who comes straight at you and tries to overpower you with his grappling. Probably not going to work against a gujy who's already turned back powerhouses like Coleman, Fujita, Hunt, Randleman, Schilt, Ogawa...Anyone who's 220-225 and hopes to beat him better be very quick and very technical. Pure strength and aggession isn't going to do it IMO.
7/20/07 7:25:10AM
he has a chance, but Fedor is a different person than anyone Jackson has faced i think if you asked Rampage he would even tell you he has a really low percentage chance of winning this fight
7/20/07 9:42:15AM
If you count the fact that Fedor is a heavyweight and Rampage moves up to HW, Rampage has nearly zero chance. Rampage couldn't push around the weight he just gained. He'd most likely be slower, which is bad when you are a striker. Fedor would probably overwhelm his with punches to the head in which Rampage would then cover, and probably stop blocking them due to being dazed so badly (ie. Silva and Shogun). Fedor could probably KO him, but if he got caught, it'd go to the ground where Rampage is has literally zero chance.
7/20/07 8:08:16PM
Yeah, Fedor isn't exactly affected by slams (not even on the neck!). So even if Rampage slammed him all over the place, I still see Fedor slapping on a sub. I would love to see the fight though, great fantasy matchup!
7/20/07 9:06:41PM
If rampage got him in a slam like he got arona, fedor would end up with page in some sort of new triangle...
7/21/07 2:11:16AM
Id give rampage a better chance than everyone is giving him.

On paper it doesnt look good for rampage but Id say he at least has about a 15-20% chance just from a nice punch, cuts, decision, and all other ways the fights can be won factored in.

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