Rampage On facing Wanderlei For A 3rd Time

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10/3/08 1:20:47AM
Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson will face Wanderlei Silva for a third time at UFC 92 in December.

The pair have fought twice before, in Japan’s now-defunct PRIDE organization, with Jackson losing by KO both times.

The second loss was particular dramatic, with Rampage taking a barrage of knees to the head before being left hanging from the ring ropes. It was the kind of loss that many would find difficult to come back from.

"I was conscious that whole time! I was kind of KO'd but I remember all that!" he laughed when discussing the forthcoming fight with Fighters Only.

10/3/08 2:32:33AM
we'll see page..... and let me guess the devil told those refs to be unfair.
10/3/08 7:47:21AM

Posted by haggiswashere

we'll see page..... and let me guess the devil told those refs to be unfair.

if you watched the fights, they really shouldnt have been stood up when they were. Maybe not favoritism on the ref's part, but the rules implemented favored wandy's style and helped him when he was put on his back.

Wrestlers get much more time to work on the ground in American organizations than Overseas.
10/3/08 9:26:44AM
i still see rampage losing this fight
but if he rematches with shogun i think he could beat him
10/3/08 10:39:27AM
Rampage is a beast now but, he still cant beat Wanderlei. Silva is Quinton's kryptonite in my opinion. I think this fight will end in similar fashion to the previous 2 fights. Late ko-tko for Wanderlei making Rampages journey back to the belt even farther away. I could be wrong I have been before but im sticking with that pick.
10/3/08 10:56:04AM

That's all I need to say. Nothing personal against Rampage, because I love the guy; I just happen to love Wandy a lot more.
10/3/08 2:38:55PM
i wouldn't take any prediction Rampage makes seriously at the moment. he has just said that Bisping can beat Anderson Silva (albeit it with the "one day" phrase in there) and that Mohamed is talented enough to be a UFC champion.

i expect Wandy to finish Rampage late in the second. styles make fights and this match-up just isn't a good one for Rampage
10/3/08 2:44:33PM
10/3/08 3:44:40PM
Rampage's standup has gotten better since they last fought but so has Wandy's. Depends on how Rampage fights this fight. If he tries to stand and bang with Wandy I think it will end the same way the other 2 fights did. But there's a chance Rampage may come in and try to grind out a UD on the ground. I still think Wandy will take it so Wandy by TKO.
10/3/08 3:59:01PM
cannot wait for this fight, got a feeling its gonna be different then the last 2 times they fought
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