Did Rampage take a few extra shots at Silva?

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12/29/08 11:57:06PM
Great performance by Rampage and a great knock out but after he dropped wandy it looked like Yves stepped in rigth away, the first shot was close but then it looks like he took two extra shots while Yves was trying to get him out of there.

I thought it was dirty, but I haven't seen any posts so I'm wondering if I just saw it wrong, seems like a pretty big deal when u think bout what a scene Dana made with Babalu but punching a guy while he is out cold looks worse to me. what are your thoughts?
12/30/08 12:09:36AM
Yves did everything but jump on his back to end the fight. But it's a fight, and it's not the worst incident that's happened. If the athletic commission doesn't do anything about it, then it doesn't even matter.
12/30/08 12:33:21AM
it was just heat of the moment.. in a match like that.. you do not stop until the ref stops you.. it some times takes you a moment or two to realize the ref is stopping you.. I thought it was clean.. I think people are blowing the whole thing of Rampages win out of proportion.. I thought the fight was pretty even.. Rampage landed a solid shot.. neither was dominating the other up till that point... A rematch could be completely different.. and besides Wandy is still up 2-1..
12/30/08 12:38:01AM
I'm sure it was just the adrenaline pumping.
12/30/08 12:48:27AM
The First shot was thrown before he was touched, the second one he was beginning to throw as he got touched by the referee and the third was intentional lol.
12/30/08 1:00:29AM
He definetely took some cheap shots. Silva was out before he even hit the mat. Rampage then stood over him and began delivering shots even as the ref attempted to shut him off. One more punch and I easilly could have seen Rampage being disqualified. I picked Rampage so I was really worried he was going to get disqualified and blow it.

I've heard the "adrenaline excuse" a lot, but adrenaline doesn't blind you from seeing a limp opponent on the ground. At the very least when the ref grabbed him and was trying to push him away he should have snapped out of it, but he didn't--he proceeded to hit Wanderlei again. It was bad blood retaliation in my opinion.

If the ref hadn't jumped in, I think Rampage would still be punching Wanderlei as we speak...because hey, some things never get old.
12/30/08 1:04:55AM
as rogan said those shots were unnecessary but rampage was amped up, so i don't blame him

i think chuck did the same to randy at ufc 52 when he won the belt
12/30/08 1:43:46AM
He probably wanted to get the most of it. At that moment they still had bad blood, it's similar to B.J. Penn holding the choke to Jens Pulver. Hopefully Rampage and Wanderlei are cool now.
12/30/08 2:06:46AM
I dunno you kinda have to go until the refs stops you, anything after that was Rmpage being pissed off. I like when fights have emotions behind them.
12/30/08 6:31:30AM
This example emotional fighters shouldnt be fighting at such a high level, suppose Rampage seriously injured him or killed him with those extra shots? We might have had the first fatality in the ring and it would have all been because a stupid third match that he shouldnt have even been given resulting in Rampage getting "Caught up in the moment" and ruining MMA, hypothetically of corse.

Wand had a good strategy until getting into the brawl situation in which he inevitably lost, if he had keep it on the outside and kept up with kicks and jabs he would have worn down Rampage. I'm not sure why Wanderlei dosnt use strategy instead of brawling tactics, he could have easily won with the right plan.

I'm a fan of Rampage but the man should have been penalized with a suspension, fine or disqualification imo, that s*** isnt cool and could have spoiled the sport if he had severely injured him or worse. Knees to the head on the ground are illigal ok but hitting the guy when he out and the ref tries to get you off isnt?

Unecessary roughness, they give you a penalty in any other sport for this, and I believe it should have been inforced.
12/30/08 9:27:35AM
Yves should have tackled Page, those were definitely cheap shots.
12/30/08 9:29:54AM
Its ok Wandy didn't know he was being punched No he was fully pissed at him and took it out on him for sure. We had some newbies watching the fight and trying to explain that was useless. He was wrong, I'm not sure we had new fans in my group but that didn't help much.
12/30/08 6:29:22PM
EHHHHHH........after the punishment page absorbed in their two previous fights i'm ok with it. And really wern't that bad.....well except maybe for the last on
12/30/08 9:42:34PM
Ofcourse he did . Even more pathetic? Goldberg saying "oh what class" as rampage came over to look at wand.
12/30/08 10:00:40PM
Good for him giving him a few extra shots. Wandei made Rampage look like a punk at the weigh ins. Also whats even funnier, rampage talked no crap leading up this fight.

Wandei did all the talking about how much he hated Rampage.

Good for RAMPAGE. For the win, and the class act.

Also if you have ever been in a fight, you would know the extra shots was adrenaline. Was not him, and even if it was done on purpose, maybe next time Wandei wont run his mouth.
12/30/08 10:26:54PM
I just hope the hatchet is buried.
12/30/08 10:38:49PM
ehh, it is what it is. Adrenaline, fighting til you know you're stopped, Wandy woulda done it, Wandy had done it to ppl... whatever. It wasn't clearly out of line, it just skimmed the edge of acceptable.

I have always thought that it's funny how UFC judges have to jump bodily in and PRIDE judges only had to call stop to halt the action....

I still don't think he was out of line that badly. And for the guy who tried to equate Babalu: Babalu held a choke way too long and then said in his post fight interview that he did it on purpose to teach a lesson. BJ and Rampage both checked on the other guy and didn't publically admit wrongdoing. They shook hands and squashed it. Big difference from the still angry Babalu who basically said he'd do it again.
12/30/08 10:39:02PM
Wandy vs page 4 =) well technically wandy wins the battle 2-1 =)

WAR wandy
12/31/08 12:34:50AM
I didnt necesarily defend Babalu I just think its the most comparable thing, Dana acted like it was the most unacceptable thing wandy did act like a chump at the weigh ins but you have to see all the viedoes of Rampage all over the internet talking trash and never giving wandy any credit and ontop of that those guys had bad blood going into the previous two fights and wandy never took any cheap shots at the end at Rampage, especially the second fight once he feels rampage go limp he never even waits for the ref.

I also cant really say I buy the whole amped up thing because Rampage has had plenty of ko's before in his career and edrenalaine never played such a factor
12/31/08 1:09:24AM
i dont think it was mulicious it was revengish
12/31/08 5:47:41PM
Either way you look at it, I dont remember much backlash when Penn held on to the choke he had on Pulver for an extra 2-3 seconds. Heat of the moment and hey when your pushing people at weigh ins and stuff whos to say its not gonna happen?
12/31/08 6:05:37PM
Yes he did. But wouldn't you?
1/1/09 3:24:44AM
If someone beat me as badly as Wandy beat down Page 2 times I would make sure I would get my shots in when I had the chance. I hate when people go off on the reffing, these guys do the best they can in a very subjective sport.

Rampage was in his killer instinct mode and I have no problem with that
1/1/09 3:52:38AM

Posted by Jackelope

I just hope the hatchet is buried.

why would u hope for that i love watching bad blood it always makes it better when there emotion evolved

and rampage didn't do anything wrong, wandy deserved it for pushing him at the weigh ins
1/1/09 8:51:21AM
I think he did
1/1/09 9:51:12PM
The shots were after the ref had stopped the fight and was trying to get Rampage off. I believe the intent was there, and there is no excuse, it was dangerous and unprofessional.

Wanderlei did shove Rampage at the weigh in. That was also uncalled for, but seriously that does not justify taking two shots to the head while a guy was already out cold. Wanderlei's body was seizing before he woke up. Pretty scarey, the result is ok in the end, but if something did happen we would be having a very different discussion now.

I have been a fan of both these fighters for a long time. Rampage has progressed a lot since his time in Pride. Silva is a step slower and bit punched out from that time. Still, I picked Silva to win the fight not because I thought he was a better fighter, but because I was not sure where Rampage was mentally after the breakdown earlier this year. Rampage proved more than able during the fight, but I can not help but wonder if what happened afterwards is a sympton of other issues.

I hope not, I hope he is balanced at this point and continues to improve and regains the belt.

I, however, have my doubts.
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