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5/23/11 8:01:57PM
Ok I know I probably will get a lot of hate for this but it has to be said...

Everyone seems to like Rampage but his list of excuses go on and on, I can't wait to see what happens if he doesn't finish Hamill or if there is an upset, no telling what he would say.

The first two times he fought Wanderlei he lost because:
One he was on the ground and got stood but it shouldn't have.
Two he said his life was screwed up.

Forrest Griffin- Ring Rust even though Forrest had a long lay off as well

Jardine (since he didn't finish the fight)- was over trained

Rashad- Ring Rust for making a movie

....O I love Rampage :)
5/23/11 8:04:16PM
No Rampage love from me.....I hope Matt destroys him
5/24/11 12:19:42AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

No Rampage love from me.....I hope Matt destroys him

Agreed, I was never that big of a Page fan but after the lyoto fight I really didnt like him. Also Matt Hamill is very under-rated, i can acually see him pulling it off.
5/24/11 10:18:04AM
I think it's natural for a guy to look for a reason why he lost or didn't finish. Rampage is a guy that has gotten by on natural talent alone for a good chunk of his career, and seems to be at or near the end of his interest in the sport, I think that's usually the reason for the sub-par performances he's had here and there. I see what you're saying though, and no one really likes excuses, so I get where you're coming from. He's still a top LHW when he wants to be IMO though.
5/24/11 5:27:45PM
I disagree
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