What if Rampage really doesn't get his warm up fights?

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2/18/07 1:02:26AM
Assuming the rumors are true, and Chuck will be his next opponent, what position do you think this puts him in with the UFC? Knowing that he has been pretty outspoken on the fact that he wants a couple more fights before he faces Chuck again. Wouldn't that be a blatent show of disrespect and really pretty much a lack of class? Or is it the other way around? Do you think this is the right desicion for the UFC?

Either way, what do you think Rampage's reaction will be? We all know he wont back down and would definatly take the fight, but as I asked, what position would this put him in with the UFC?

IMO, if Chuck is his next fight, wether Rampage wins or loses against him I don't see him being happy at all with the UFC.

2/18/07 1:14:35AM
If he wins, he wouldn't have any reason not to be happy with the UFC. His standings as a fighter don't drop because he changed promotions. Only his fan base does. If he has a belt after his next fight, he will probably hang on to it for a bit, and he will probably be happy with the money, endorsements, and increased fans that wil come with it.
2/18/07 1:28:22AM
Definetly not good and I think the UFC knows that. If the UFC is not smart enough to know that Chuck Liddell is currently steam rolling competition, putting their new contract aquirement against Chuck may result in a quick fight. I say allow Rampage to adapt to the octagon, get used to sh*tty fans, and most importantly allow him to get those tune up fights. It's to a certain extent how you're supposed to warm up before you do intense training same idea allow for rampage to warm up. From a business perspective this allows fans to get to know the fighter, understand his personality, resulting in increased tickets and pay-per-view. Fans want a fighter that they can relate to (casual fans), not caring so much about skill, and I believe at this point fans are still scratching their heads saying who is this guy. However, if their is a man that can win the hearts of UFC fans it is definetly Rampage, and I don't have to get into details why because we all know how much of a comedian he is. You may not like the way he fights but you know he makes you laugh.
2/18/07 2:34:22AM
Rampage originally said he wanted to have 2 or 3 warm-ups before he fought Chuck. He's had 1. I think he should have 1 more , and if it's impressive he should fight Chuck. However, the UFC has a policy not to give title matches to people on the last fight of their current contract. Rampage's contract is up around the time Chuck is back according to his manager. So I think this whole thing is academic until he resigns. He will get at least 1 more warmup fight unless he signs a contract before that.
2/18/07 3:19:28AM
I can see this going either way. If the UFC plays it smart, they give Rampage one or two warm-up fights and put him against Chuck. If he wins, they have a new, marketable, young champion, and the option of a rematch if Chuck is game.

On the other hand, with the UFC trying to edge out Pride, they might just throw Rampage under the bus for the time being. Put him against Chuck next when hes not so confident, and if he loses, it sents the message that Pride fighters are crap to the TUF generation. This also sets up a rubber match down the road.
2/18/07 4:48:11AM
Rampage has had over 20 mma fights ! He spent most of his career fighting better comp than he will face in the ufc , also his last 4 fights have been against easy competition . The only thing he needs is to get used to the octogan . He needs to find a place to train that has a octogan , and get used to it in sparring and practice . How much real time is he going to have in the octagan fighting some can that he Ko in rd1 anyway ?

Im sick of Rampage whineing he has been doing it since Shogun knocked him out . He refused to fight Sergei and told Pride he only wants easy fights , now he comes to the ufc and again says he wants warmup fights . How many does he need ? They currently have no one to fight Chuck , Chucks next fight should be Rampage [ or maybe Rampages plan is to wait till chuck is 40 ? ] If Rampage wants he can take a fight in between now and the fight with Chuck who only fights about 2-3 times a year anyway .
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