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7/6/08 7:09:39PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

well since ufc is still trying to find a #1 contender there is a chance but i dont want to see an immediate rematch. let rampage work his way back up like chuck liddell has had to do

The only reason Liddell has had to work his way back for a rematch is because he lost to Jardine too. Rampage's stock was not ruined by this fight. I think he is a true champion (as is Forrest) and will hold a title again
7/6/08 9:01:24PM
If anyone ever deserved a rematch Rampage does!!!!!!! Except Dana and the 3 judges, everyone had Rampage ahead after 5 rounds, retaining his title. Its kind of unreal, like the Patriots but worse because they accually lost! Now what????????? With Machita, Thiago, Chuck, Wand, and now Rampage all in line for a shot(never mind Anderson Silva). I dont think we'll see a rematch. But I think the next few fights will be some of the biggest in 205lb. history.
7/7/08 2:26:18AM

Posted by JimiMak

You can't make those arguments tho. Fact is Chuck won. Fact is Forrest won. You can't decide cuz you don't like dec's that they arent' as just as any other.

I can make those arguments and I did. This is a forum for discussion. If you don't want to discuss, leave.

And yes, I can and did decide that decisions I don't agree with aren't as just as others. It's my opinion and I'm entitled to it. I can back it up with a ton of facts too (just like intelligent posters can back up the opposite side with facts as well, and we can make an intelligent discussion of it, something you don't look too interested in doing).

Who the F are you to tell people what they can and can't do!? What's wrong with you? I'm not on here telling you you can't make arguments and believe what you believe. You're entitled to your opinion just like everyone else. Damn...

Posted by JimiMak

We don't all agree w/ every dec. This was not a controversial dec, just not everyone agreed... NOT THE SAME!

The dictionary is your friend...

controversy - a discussion marked especially by the expression of opposing views.

Do you need to look up "opposing views" as well? Not everyone agreeing is the same thing. How is this "NOT THE SAME!"?
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