Rampage attends ufc 87 press conference(pics)

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8/7/08 6:33:33PM
Just seen some pictures of the ufc 87 press conference and Rampage was there.
Its good to see him back around after all that happend.In the last picture he looks in better shape than he did against Forest.I hope he can come back strong.
Heres the link
8/7/08 6:43:16PM
Or he was Champ fat for thr forrest fight and all the stress hes put on himself has made eating tuff.
8/7/08 6:46:08PM
Yea Rampage just appeared in Dana's video blog (link if you havent seen it-> almost towards the end ) and he looks great, much like the Rampage of old, now its how long it will take the trouble he caused (trouble with the law and the possibility of him being the cause why the women had miscarriage) gets "fixed"
8/7/08 8:46:43PM
Dana didn't seem like his normal coked up self
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