Ramon Dekkers

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1/28/07 2:26:39PM
Assuming Dekkers had trained for MMA how do you think he would have done?
1/29/07 6:14:47AM
Did you see his fight with Sudo?

Regardless of that if he had trained from the outset, very well, he had the right mentality and drive to become the best at whatever he did.
2/21/07 2:35:31PM
honestly if he had trained hard in mma he would have had similar success as mirko, if not better, it would have been awesome for sure.
2/21/07 3:43:54PM
Its really hard to say with these K1/kickboxing crossovers. Like Stephen Leko, Schilt, Dekkars all were very unsuccessful in their MMA debuts, but hunt and CC werent.

Its seems to be a tossup on whether these guys can make the transition or not.
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