Rameau Sokoudjou needs to come to the UFC from Pride!!!!

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8/20/07 6:26:58PM

"The African Assassin" Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou is a future beast!!! I was just wondering through prides website looking at recent events result and it cuaght my eye that this bad ass at the last Pride PPV knocked Ricardo Arona the F out and STOPPED Antonio Rogerio Nogueira which I'm pretty sure is the little Nog but still he got stopped to!!!

If he'd coem to the UFC he'd easily be in the Top 5 along with Rampage/Hendo/Shogun/Wandy/then him....

He trains with team Quest along side Dan Henderson and Matt Lindland but he's a 2003 U.S. Open Judo champion...I know he's only had 3 matches and won the 2 and has yet to gain experience but how do you stop those 2 without skills? and on his pride profile it says he's still gaining stand up experience!!! His first loss was on WEC 24 but that was his first match and went to Pride and just raised hell!!

Check him out! He's a future star if he goes to the WEC or UFC, I would like him to come to teh UFC and maybe give Wandy his match in December because he earned a fight with Wandy!!! But I understand if he goes to the WEC because he trains wit Hendo and hendos in title contention in the UFC for both Middleweight in Light Heavyweight...
8/20/07 6:53:00PM
****, I feel like a jackass....I should have known not to post this on an mma site, because everyone knows all anybody does on MMA site is look at future greats and I havent been paying attention but Im pretty sure all you know this dude already...
8/20/07 7:04:18PM
lol yeah theres allot of threads on this.
8/20/07 7:45:39PM
I do hope to see more of him, he really should get the ball rolling on some contract talks before his hype dies down. Its pretty badass that he went on that KO tear when he has that judo background, he'll always have that ace in the hole if his striking isn't enough to put away any future opponents.
8/20/07 11:24:15PM
He should hurry up and sign because he's calling out some UFC guys to fight.
8/21/07 9:45:23AM
Yeah, it's hilarious how he's setting himself up to get pounded. Don't be a Vera and call out a legend after your first fight.
8/22/07 1:31:19PM
He's probably not going to UFC. There was a report a while back that he was close to signing with the HERO'S promotion after the EliteXC deal fell through.
8/22/07 3:27:37PM
He's dumb if he doesnt come to the UFC. With all the talent in the UFC, fighting anywhere else is just going to make him soft.
8/22/07 3:29:42PM

Posted by nubby

He's dumb if he doesnt come to the UFC. With all the talent in the UFC, fighting anywhere else is just going to make him soft.

he might just go out and raise his value though, although beating guys like travis fulton isnt the same as lil nog and arona
8/22/07 9:58:44PM
I'd say that's a pretty good (frikin amazing) start. What are the reasons he's fighting elsewhere? Money maybe??? UFC isn't the highest paying by any means. Does anyone know what his offers are in other organizations? There's another good fighter in UFC that has mostly a judo background. I think his name is Karo or something ...

True it's been brought up before, but .. who cares. This guy is going to be good.
8/24/07 12:11:11AM
I read a quote about how he suggested that he fight Bisping at UFC 75 and the UFC laughed at him and called him crazy. So, apparently he is talking to Zuffa, we knew that, but it seems like he wants to come in and just take out a up and comer. He kind of hinted that he was tired of the protection the UFC was giving some fighters who he thought didn't deserve to be where they were.
8/24/07 1:12:01AM
Hendo said in a recent interview he'd probably be in the next Hero's card.

Sokoudjou said he's got a problem with UFC protecting their fighters since he's asked for the big names to start with if he signs. He said he doesn't care about the money (pfft).
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