Ramapge up for role as BA in the new A-Team Movie?

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6/6/08 11:01:15AM
Quinton Rampage Jackson could be up for the role of BA Barracus in the new A-Team movie according to movie site Aint It Cool News. Not a bad idea if you ask me...

6/6/08 11:12:27AM
Nobody pity the fool

Does Rampage like planes?
6/6/08 11:22:21AM
Ha. That would be great!
6/6/08 11:31:40AM
haha yes!

when they first said they were making this, first thing I thought of was

Ramapge or Kimbo!!!

I also head rumors its gonna be that Tyson Beckford dude, who acts and was like a model or something..I think he would suck as that role..
6/6/08 11:32:14AM
My vote is for Kimbo since he is more "marketable."

Rampage would do a better job but who cares about performance? Well besides GSP.
6/6/08 11:51:14AM
I'd pick ramage... If they were to say pick kimbo... I'd not watch the movie... though ... maybe they would make him cut the beard off...
6/6/08 12:07:55PM
actually that role is going to tyrese
they haven't made a annoucement yet but it pretty much is a done deal also i think woody harrelson will be in it as well
6/6/08 12:24:39PM
I didnt even know they were making an A team film

WTF is up recently? have we hit a time loop or something cos so much stuff is coming back or being remade, has the world really run out of ideas?
6/6/08 2:03:27PM
According to IMDB, Ice Cube is rumored to BA Baracus.
6/6/08 2:07:42PM
After watching Rampage on the Ulitimate Fighter and busting up laughing almost every time he gives his little interviews its hard to see him as a grumpy BA
6/6/08 2:16:36PM
Kevin Ferguson couldn't grow the mohawk
6/6/08 2:47:14PM
He's not gonna last if he wants to be a big movie star instead of one of the greatest LHW ever.

Let's figure this out-
get punched in the face - 500,000$
play a role of a badass with cheesy lines and a mohawk- 2,000,000$

HMMMMM He must've learned a lot from Couture. Let's lose focus in one of the most stacked rosters ever, get our ass kicked, and learn out lesson a couple years down the line and talk about how we've grown up.

I'm disappointed.
6/6/08 4:18:45PM

Posted by grappler0000

According to IMDB, Ice Cube is rumored to BA Baracus.

Ice Cube would be way better for that role
6/6/08 7:32:35PM
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