Ramapge Looks To End 'The Iceman's' Streak

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5/19/07 7:45:38AM
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson cemented his reputation as one of the most exciting fighters in the world during his time in Japan's PRIDE organization, a wildly successful run that made him an international star and included a TKO victory over Chuck Liddell in November 2003, the last loss "the Iceman" has suffered to date.

Fanboy 1988
5/19/07 11:00:44AM
Rampage is gonna whip Chuck's ass
5/19/07 9:39:54PM
he is going to beat him down like the bitch chuck is
5/19/07 10:48:51PM
yea right chucks gunna own him rampage lost his fire
5/21/07 11:43:08AM
I love Rampage. Every time I see the commercial for UFC 71 and Rampage says "I'm gonna whoop Chuck's ass!" I smile. Seriously, how great is that? Anyone else could say the exact same thing, but Rampage has the charisma to really make you want to see him try.

But Rampage has to overcome the PRIDE curse AND the All Access curse. So, I have to go with Chuck on this one. Which is fine for me, because I love Chuck Liddell.
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